Sep 182013

Did you see the musical Rock of Ages?

Did you love it?

It was in Toronto a few years ago and the whole family went to a matinee
and we “rocked on” as they say!

So today when I was taking photos of some upcoming projects I couldn’t help but see the tie-in…

Rock of Ages 1

Look at these beauties!
All rockers and from all different time periods!

They are DYING to join the 21st century!

What paint and upholstery transformation
would make YOU want to park your butt in one of these lovelies?

I have my own ideas but help me out here!
Not only will I give you credit, I think we can all benefit from shared ideas!

Hey kid, rock and roll
Rock on, ooh, my soul
Hey kid, boogey too, did ya
Hey shout, summertime blues
Jump up and down in my blue suede shoes
Hey kid, rock and roll, rock on
And where do we go from here
Which is the way that’s clear
Still looking for that blue jean, baby queen
Prettiest girl I ever seen
See her shake on the movie screen, Jimmy Dean
(Jimmy Dean)
Sep 052013

So this is what led me to this blog….

  • I like keeping busy and being  a handy dandy homeowner
  • I decide to paint my dining room furniture
  • I discover Pinterest  and I’m addicted
  • I finally make some decisions and I finish the dining room
  • I love the new look AND I realize I love painting furniture
  • I sew and I like textiles and fabric
  • I decide to try some upholstering
  • I discover I love upholstering
  • I start to collect furniture pieces
  • I do some work for some friends
  • I sell some random pieces
  • People keep saying “You should start a Business”
  • I think “Hmmmm?”

So here I am and here is what I’ve got:

  • I got a cute business name:  Nicer Than New
  • I got a blog  (that’s why you’re here)
  • I got a business Facebook Page and Pinterest Account
    (Don’t look!  They’re both looking pitiful as of today!)
  • I got a sore seat from sitting at my computer creating the above Social Networking Sites
  • I got a garage full of several pieces of “junk”
  • I got a husband who just shakes his head and turns away

Now, here is what I DON’T “got”:

  • followers
  • customers
  • advertisers and sponsors
  • income

Should I be worried?

Apparently not.
I do good work.
I’m a Virgo.
I’ve done research: it takes time.
A lot of time.
Life is a journey.

In the meantime, while I am creating blogs, Facebook pages, Pinterest accounts,


It’s a crazy circle.
Tomorrow, I will get out of bed and complete at least one project and make it nicer than new.

Until then, let me share pieces of future projects… .


Found a convenient well priced foam dealer!


So elegant but not nearly finished!


Top: Retro.
Bottom: Amazing neutral @ $3/metre


I love Paris and yes I know it’s backwards

I guess it hasn’t all been social media prep after all.

Is that retro fabric super cute or what?

Sep 012013

The chair below was at the curb in my neighbourhood and after a quick u-turn, it was mine, duct tape and all. Last night, after taking it apart to get started on removing the disgusting vintage upholstery, I noted the tag on the bottom. It was manufactured in at least the 1970s or older by a well known Danish company. Nice!

It would be so nice to have two of these. Do I dare walk around the corner and ask? Would you? Well, I did and they don’t.

Stay tuned for the finished project.  I’m sure it will be nicer than new!

Aug 302013

First off, starting a blog just before going on vacation for nearly a month probably wasn’t the best plan. However, on the up-side I actually DID start a blog; something I had been procrastinating over for about a year. So far, I have set up this site and I know how to add posts like this one but I know there are so, so many more things I need to learn. When I get a chance, I have been watching training videos but I am still at the beginning. When I was teaching at the college, I did teach very basic webdesign and I have created websites but a blog is quite different and it would be nice if I could earn a bit of $$$ on the side. It will just take time and patience.

So back to the toys… I actually have two new toys. One is mine and one belongs to my handy dandy neighbour. In the past few months, I have dabbled a bit with upholstering. Simple items like chair seats and backs. To accomplish the projects below:

DSCN1450 P.'s Dining Chair

Not ideal tools I used the tools on the left which worked but were not fun! (BTW, the tools are resting on my next victim aka the “duct tape chair”) Screw drivers are not good staple removers and when the wood frame was hard, I had to tap in some staples with the hammer. DSCN1532

But now that my garage if filling up with upholstery projects, I knew I needed to invest in some new “toys”.

I am now the proud owner of a power stapler, a staple remover and some needles for tufting! The darling little potbelly compressor is compliments of my neighbour. All shown on the right. You gotta love handy (generous) neighbours!

Needless to say, I am pumped because I can see some progress coming my way! Especially those “Hmm-I-should-cover-those”-type projects which include my office chair, some folding chairs and then the growing inventory in my garage.

I’m giddy! Need I say more?

Do new power tools make you giddy? Or am I just a weird, handy-wife?

Enjoy the last weekend of summer!

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