Jul 162014

When you see a cool container, are you like me and have a hard time throwing it out, knowing it MUST be good for something!  Certainly there is a way to up-cycle the container to keep it out of the trash!

Well this is how I feel about the containers the Cascade dish washing  tablets come in. 

I have used it for my homemade dry laundry detergent until I found a bigger and better container. 

Then one day after my daughter and her friends had been in my car, I noticed they left so many tissues and wrappers on the floor.  (Pretty girls but slobs!)  So I decided I needed some sort of garbage container.  I was just going to put it in there as is but since I seem to have a surplus of scrapbook paper, a light bulb went off.

This little project took me literally 10 minutes!


Up-cycled Cascade Container

I didn’t even remove the labels.

I cut the paper to size.  Added Mod Podge to both the container and the back of the paper.  I lined it up and pressed out the bubbles then added a top layer of Mod Podge.

Easy Smeasy!

IMG_2452 copy

Such a cute and easy project: Up-cycled Cascade container

Now it is a matter of getting them to USE it!

What containers have you re-purposed?

I LOVE comments!  So drop me a line!



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