Sep 112014

About 12 years ago, when my daughter first began dancing competitively, I made her a ribboned memory board for her room.  It was perfect for displaying ribbons, pins, photos etc from the competitions.  Over the past decade, the board has collected so much memorabilia, I am surprised it can stay on the wall.

Here is the state it is in now. 


There are YEARS of memories on this board!

After I made this one, she and I made several more to give to her friends as Christmas gifts.  Instead of cork, which is expensive, I used a product called Homasote.  It comes in 4 ft x 8 ft sheets from a building centre.  Builders use it to sound proof walls.  It’s relatively light and soft enough to allow the use of pushpins. 

Here is the one in my office:

My Board

Oh my! I need to add more recent pictures!

It is 48″ x 36″ and I love it!  ( I won’t be sharing the state of the desk below this any time soon!  It looks like my office was ransacked by burglars!

At the end of August, my lovely daughter moved to Kingston, Ontario to begin her new adventures at Queen’s University.  Miss Nice is not overly sentimental so I was surprised when she asked me if I would make her another memory board.  And two of her friends wanted one too.  They do have bulletin boards over their desks but they wanted something “pretty”.

I realized I had a problem and could not make them the way I normally did.  You see, the walls in her residence / dorm room are cinder block so no nails can be added.  Although the Homasote is light, it would most likely be too heavy for a Command Strip.  So I needed to put on my thinking cap.

Michaels just happened to be having a sale on canvases in a 2 pack.  So I picked up four 18″ x 24″  Then, I dropped by Dollarama, where I knew I could get two 12″ cork tiles for $2.00.  I had the rest of the supplies already.  I have so much fabric stashed away as well as quilting batting, ribbon and boxes of the nice upholstery tacks.  I picked up the stash of ribbon 12 years ago when a large Canadian craft store chain went out of business.  Why I bought so much is beyond me.  Perhaps another sign of OCD 😉


Instructions below

Here are most of my supplies. (Note:  there are NO affiliation links in this post.  Just links to products I used).


Gather supplies


Cork and ribbon


Upholstery tacks

Here is the process I used:

  1. I glued the cork to the front of the stretched canvas using a general purpose white wood glue.  I had to cut some of the cork pieces to make it fit. I needed three squares of cork for each board
  2. Using spray adhesive, I attached a layer of quilting batting to the cork.  This will make the board look more tufted.
  3. After cutting and ironing the cream on cream damask table cloth fabric I had, I covered each of the boards by stapling the fabric to the back of the wooden frame  with my power staple gun.
  4. Then I measured out where the ribbons would go on each edge and marked the spot with a straight pin.  I had the ribbon meet at FOUR spots on each side.    I attached the ends of the ribbon to the back with the staple gun.
  5. Finally, where each ribbon crossed, I added an upholstery tack as well as tacks along the outside edges.

Voila!  Three very light-weight memory boards.  It took me about 3 hours.   


I love the colours!


The tack on the outside edge is a great touch


I used brass tacks for the navy ribbon and silver for the others.


Canvases: 2 for $16  x 2 = $32 — I still have one canvas leftover so the real cost is $24
Cork: 2 for $2 x 5 +=$10 (I have one cork square left)
Fabric, Ribbon, Tacks, Glue and Staples = $0

Each board cost less than $12.  Bargain!

However, the Command Strips were $6 each!!

Regardless the girls were thrilled and Miss Nice’s board looked pretty in her room. Howeverm it did look small on her long empty wall.

What I would do differently is:

  • use a far bigger canvas
  • make the diamonds larger

Other than that, I loved the way they turned out.  Homasote does warp a bit but these frames are  nice and square.

Have you ever made a memory board?
What materials did you use?


Jun 282014

When someone one says “Give me a Break!”  I don’t think this is what they mean..

I posted back in May, for some reason, I was in a funk I could not seem to get out of. I was not able to get at the oh so many paint and upholstery projects I have lined up.  I felt  distracted and shall I say a bit lazy!  Not sure what it was; perhaps that brutally long winter.  At the time, I had been blogging about 8 months and my page views and visitors were up significantly.  But my “followers” were not growing  at the same pace.  Much of the traffic to my blog was coming from my participation in linky parties.   It was becoming clear I was not exploring and taking advantages of other, more productive options available for bloggers. 

So I took a break and did some research, reading and thinking.  Still in a bit of a funk on the work front but was very busy  planning my daughter’s prom / graduation party.

Then, on Friday the 13th,
and not a nice one!

I slipped on a wet floor and went down like a ton of bricks.

I thought I had a sprained ankle because I could put some weight on it but NO… a fractured tibia  (shinbone).

This sucked in so many ways but it could have been worse.  It was my left leg so I can still drive!

Air Cast

This boot is made for walking…

In the two weeks that followed, we had a number of special occasions planned.

We were hosting our last Book Club meeting of the season,  the day after the big break.  Luckily I had set up the dining room for a formal “Great Gatsby” meal before the fall and the meal is “pot luck” and my group is so familiar with my kitchen I had no concerns and was waited on by all 😉 

Then on June 20th, we were hosting a pre- and post- prom party for my daughter and her friends and their families.  You know 45 people mingling around taking photos, eating nibbles and sipping on champagne cocktails.  I could hobble and the week leading up to this, I prepared so many cool things, decor and food, to make it special. 

I was smart though.  I called in a favour from  my bestest friend Gay,  a real estate agent, and asked her if she could be free on Friday to help me.  I do a lot of PhotoShop work for her promotional plan so it was difficult to turn me down. 

OMG without her, I would never have survived the day.  As it turned out the day was PERFECT!!!   Perfect weather.  Perfect food and drinks.  Perfect decor. Perfect. Perfect. Perfect.


All the lovely ladies!
(and my peonies in full bloom!)


This bench by our front door is the location of nearly every “First Day of School” picture for the past 13 years!


Miss Nice and her Romeo!


Their school is a dedicated Arts-Only school and this picture shows most of these kids are in the DRAMA program


That was some limo! A stretch Hummer!

 What was not perfect was I did not get pictures of the decor, the food or the drinks.  I so wanted to do a blog post on it.  You know, get out of my funk.  But NO!  Jusy no time to spare to take photos.  This is definitely a blog issue I will work on… allow WAY more time for things I want to blog about.

Then June 23rd was Miss Nice’s eighteenth birthday and on June 25th was her high school graduation!  Talk about packing it in!


A grad picture on the bench was a must!

It has now been two weeks since my big break and the pain has subsided quite a bit.  I quite like the feel of the air-cast when I put it on.   It nice and snug and makes me feel more stable. 

Mr. Nice and I leased a golf membership for the summer at a private club, making this break VERY untimely and expensive.  However, I plan to go to the range this week and see how much it puts me off balance.  We can always take a cart!

Today, I am going to tackle some paint projects because the weather here in Toronto is magnificent!  And I want to go outside!

Similar to my post back in the winter,  Make Like Nike and “Just Do It”   I plan on getting off my butt, out of my funk and be productive regardless of my leg.

In the meantime, I have one more decision to make: 
In the first week of July, do I really want to fly to England to see my in-laws while sporting a cast? or should I go in the fall when Mr. Nice usually goes alone? 

Have you taken a long flight with a cast on?

Have you ever had a bad Friday the 13th? 

Stay tuned for more projects and posts because I believe I am back!



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and comments just make my day!
(And I could use a break!  LOL)

May 262014

Twenty years ago, Mr. Nice and I moved into what we were certain would be a forever home.  We were a couple of DINKs at the time (Double Income No Kids) and wanted a special home with character, entertainment space and perhaps a ravine lot.  When we walked through this house with the realtor, we were not impressed with the decor but we sure were impressed with the lot, the layout and of course the full sized snooker table in the large family room on the lower walkout level.  I often joke,”We bought a snooker table and the house came with it!”  LOL. 

Move ahead a few years and my company down-sized, I took a severence package and took some time to re-think my life.  During this time, although we were in our late thirties, we decided to have a baby.  In 1996, we were blessed with a beautiful and tiny baby girl.  Here comes the fun part.  One of my neighbours announced she too was pregnant and a few months later, a new family moved in and they too were expecting a baby.  So in the summer of 1996, on a court of only 7 houses, THREE babies were born, our daughter and two boys.   The other families also had daughters a couple years older than the babies so we had 5 young children.   Needless to say, we all became great friends.  We used to pull up our lawn chairs in the street and watch the kids on their trikes and wagons and bikes and roller blades.

Tredvalley_gang_May97 2

Our motley crew in May 1997.
( I never said all the pictures were “good”)

 All three girls ended up dancing at the same dance studio. Car-pooling was a breeze!   The girls continued with dance for many years and the boys moved on to hockey. 

I have always enjoyed photography and have dozens of photo albums to prove it.  So it just seemed natural that I became the Memory Keeper.  I always had my camera or our video camera on hand for every get-togther.  The everyday stuff and the special day stuff too.    The little dancers were always putting on “shows” for us which sometimes involved lipstick and tutus on everyone…. including the boys.  My photos and footage have been useful in marking more recent events like significant birthdays and graduation.

Interestingly, the three 1996 babies never went to the same school. For elementary one Roman Catholic, one public and one French Immersion.  The same happened when they entered high school. 

Roll ahead to 2014… as a result of invitations by local friends, they ALL went to the same prom!  I think the families were more excited about this fact than the kids were!   And of course there had to be a photo session and in front of our fireplace was the spot.  You see EVERY year on Halloween, prior to the dads taking them Trick or Treating, we met in our home and took their picture in front of our fireplace.

This was one of the "dark" years.  2002

This was one of the “dark” years. 2002

Now back to Prom Night…






…and Miss Nice still thinks they’re crazy!

I fear in the age of digital photography with phones, the role of “Memory Keeper” will be lost. 
I wish more people would take the time to sort and store and PRINT!

So many people snap and share and then move on. 

Mr. Nice and I and the other two sets of parents treasure all the pictures we have taken and shared. 

Those five kids believe they grew up on the best street ever!
And now they love to sit and watch the crazy videos we took of them. 
Many are hysterical!

Do you have a Memory Keeper in your life?

“Beautiful hours move so quickly.”
― Irene Hunt, Up a Road Slowly  

Time is so fleeting!


May 032014

Have you ever had a client who knew they wanted a piece painted but was just not sure of the colour?  Read on and find out how you can use a photo editor to help them….

For decades, I have dabbled in Photography. Back in the day, I even took a course on developing my own black and white film. Sadly at the time, I was in an apartment and did not really have room for a little lab. Other than that, most of what I know is self taught. You see, I am the kind of person who, when they take up an interest, gets every book I can get my hands on. This is true about PhotoShop Elements too.

As I have previously revealed, my daughter danced competitively from an early age. Competitive dance is darn pricey so when the studio photos came back looking crappy, and you had to pay in advance before you saw them, I decided it was time to do my own thing. Besides, I preferred the “live” shots we could get from the photographers at the dance competitions. Often, several moms would approach them and strike a deal, combining many entries for a lower price. With these digital photos, I would work my “magic” in Photoshop Elements. It was a labour of love because I not only loved the dancers, I loved playing and learning new techniques. As time went on, I learned more and more while Photoshop Elements improved with each version, making it easier.

I must admit my early work was a bit simple but the studio photographer was doing what I was doing and charging a small fortune. Fast forward a couple years and soon, my stuff was pretty nice and unique. Soon parents wanted me to work on their photos. And I did. But I knew I would not want to do it as a long term business, knowing we would leave the dance world in a few years. My daughter and I even dabbled in dance performance photography. She was very good because she can anticipate the moves. For example, she would know when a jump might be happening and catch it perfectly. However we both knew our love dance did not entail photographing dancers for hours on end.

Regardless, we and many of the other dance families now have amazing photos of our dancers. Here are a couple examples…

I did this one for a dance mom and daughter.  I took 4 live performance photos from a contemporary dance number (taken by the competition photographer) and created a collage with a new background.  The bottom photo lets the real floor show through, thereby not losing the lighting and shadows.

room with three frames

One of my favourites “creations” is when I  extracted my daughter from a ballet group.  Once extracted, the resolution was poor so I used a variety of techniques to make it look like a painting. I then had it printed on a  large canvas.  It is not only beautiful, it could become an heirloom (if such things still exist!)

The first photo is the live stage shot we purchased.  My daughter loved her perfect arabesque. (Note our studio was not strong in ballet so ignore the rest!)

ballet group

Group shot

 This is want I did with it.  It may not be evident but in reality, it looks like a painting.
Definitely my favourite Photoshop project!

ballet painting

Extracted and stylized as a painting

Okay, so brag time is over.  What does all this have to do with “ENVISIONING” and painting furniture??

Well, for me, it is a snap to help a client decide on a colour.  I simply upload a picture into Photoshop Elements and “colourize” the piece.

This was certainly true with a desk a client dropped off.  When I saw it, I fell in love with it.  It is very unique and I asked if she was sure she wanted to paint it.  (There will be paint haters out there who will be upset with us… but I DID ask!)  She just wants a brighter look in the room…

Here is the gorgeous piece before:

andrea before

Is this not the cutest desk?? Inside the doors are cubbies!

She had some colour ideas but could not decide.  So being a diplomatic person, I decided to help her. 

  1. I uploaded the file in Photoshop Elements
  2. Using the Quick Selection tool, I selected the desk and de-selected the windows in the doors and the desk top which will remain wood.
  3. I added a layer, reduced the opacity to 70% or so and then filled the selection with colour.

I sent her the following renditions based on her ideas:









As you can see it is very crude but it only took me 10 minutes!  She loved that she could visualize how it would look after. 

Which one do you like? 
There is a chair and its upholstery in the equation too.

Have you used a photo editor to help you or you client visualize? 

Leave me a comment and tell me about it.  I LOVE COMMENTS!!

Stay tuned and come back to see the result!


Jan 112014

Beginning with this post, I am going to share my love of reading by writing about my book club and as time goes on, the books we are reading and the food we eat at our meetings.  I have added a tab / page at the top where I have listed the books the Good Friday Book Club  have read to date.

To be honest, our Book Club is one of the most dearest, important aspects of my life.  The bond and dedication the members have never ceases to amaze me.  As the main organizer, I am often taken aback at the importance our little book club has in each members’ life.

A Bit of History

Our book club began as a group of moms whose children were involved in competitive dance.  It came to light we were all dying for some non-dance related fun and mental stimulation.  Our daughter, Miss Nice, was involved in Competitive dance for 12 years!  Needless to say, the studio was like her second home.  As dance parents, we saw many children grow and mature into lovely teens and adults.

We watched Miss Nice grow from this

2002 "Sweet Nothin's" The most adorable 5 year olds ever!

2002 “Sweet Nothin’s”
The most adorable 5 year olds ever!
Miss Nice is on the left

To this:

2014 Gorgeous!

2013 – Gorgeous!

It was at the dance studio where I met my most amazing friend Grace. One night, while waiting for our daughters to finish lessons, I noticed she was reading a book I had recently finished. We began discussing it and other books we had both read and liked.   I also could not help noticing all the notes and scribbles in the margins.  She was preparing for an upcoming book club.  As time went on, whenever  we met up, we always seemed to get into book discussions.

About a year later, she told me her book club was falling apart.  I have always thought a book club would be fun, so we decided to propose starting one with the studio “dance moms”.  The response within our dance-mom circle was incredible!  This was in February  and Dance Competitions are mostly in the early spring months so when we tried to find a free date, it was difficult. 

We finally all agreed to meet Good Friday, 2009: our first meeting.
The book was “The Glass Castle” by Jeanette Walls. 


Now nearly 5 years later, we are still at it and oh how we have evolved!  You see, Grace has a Masters Degree in English Literature and she takes her reading and discussing very seriously!  Along the way, we lost a few lovely members but we also gained a few.  With Grace’s leadership and encouragement, we have all grown and we are now much more discretionary, insightful readers.   Not to mention, we all seem obsessed with our book club!  NO ONE EVER wants to miss a meeting!

Unlike many book clubs, ours now includes MEN! 
I know, this sounds almost sacrilegious to many book clubs but for us it works.  

I had the most appropriate house for hosting because all our darling dancers could  dance and carry on in our large family room while we met in the living room.  As such,  Mr Nice was always there and he too is an avid reader.  After a couple meetings, other hubbies wanted to participate.   So we now have 4 men and 7 women.

I believe what makes our book club special is our original connection to each other was dance and not much else.  We don’t live in the same neighbourhoods, we don’t work together and now, only Grace still has a child in dance.  The occupations in the group are also far reaching… Accountant, speech therapist, opera singers, teacher, engineer, real estate, etc.  So each of us brings a very unique perspective to the discussion.  

Our meetings are a blast! 

For each book, we try to pull out a theme or food or drink .  Sometimes it is easy and sometime not. 
One of the best meetings was when we read Eat Pray Love
We had a YOGI! come in and lead us through yoga class! 

Our next meeting is in a couple of weeks and the book is Devil in the White City by Erik Larson. 
Interestingly, since Glass Castle, this is the first non-fiction book we have read.


Have you read it?

Are you part of a Book Club? 

What has been your favourite book to date? 

What was your least favourite book discussion? 

I would love to connect with other book lovers and book club members! 
Be sure to leave a comment and follow me on Bloglovin or Pinterest where I will be setting up a book board.

Happy reading!


Jan 092014

Today ‘s post will be picture heavy and word light.

Back in September, I shared my experience and photos from my visit to the St. Lawrence Sunday Antique Market.   The antique market is only open on Sunday while the main food / farmers’ markets are not open.  My “bestie” friend, Gay and I have been wanting to check out the food market for holiday meal food so one morning, a week or so before Christmas, I met her  downtown Toronto for a nice breakfast and a browse around the market.  Being a weekday, the place was relatively quiet.  On Saturdays, the place is packed and crazy and you really need to be in the right mood to deal with it.

 Vegetarians: Beware.  The market is known for fabulous meat vendors.  And if you can hang on to the end, you will see some Canadian / Toronto humour.

I hope you enjoy your visit!  Let’s go….

logo ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Outside the Market, Fall 2013

Looking west: old meets new. The  curved building is called the "L Tower" and will be 57 stories and 600 luxurious condo suites.

Looking west: old meets new. The curved building is called the “L Tower” and will be 57 stories and 600 luxurious condo suites.

East side of the Main Market. The building runs a city block.

East side of the Main Market. The building runs a city block.










Have you ever seen so many olives??













So perfectly laid out!





If you are wondering what this is, it is Sea Grass from the Pacific Ocean!
$28 per pound. Very tasty albeit salty.




The Coolest Mushrooms!



Baked Goods!



Yes! Emril Visited here!
The best Peameal Bacon sandwiches.
(aka Canadian Back Bacon)



Goodies to die for!


Here comes the MEAT!


Don’t these pre-stuffed pork roasts look amazingly delicious!


Ontario Lamb!



Mustard and Maple Syrup
Oh How Canadian!



Name your flavour, they have it!
I bought 4 jars!
This stuff is strong! and De-lish!



Maple Syrup: always a classic souvenir


Unique Canadian and Toronto Souvenirs

Now it’s time for a bit of humour!  There is an excellent ‘Toronto Souvenir” shop in the market and they had so many cute, unique and funny items.  Here are a few of them.

I think everyone had heard about the Toronto Mayor’s antics!

Well some clever entrepreneurs have designed a few humorous tee shirts


These are two t-shirts side by side.


I love these two… Not sure who would actually wear these!

Cute Canadian Humour wear



Love this one!


“Don’t Moose With Me” ones-ies


Ha Ha Ha



Cute canvas shopping bag.

Cute canvas shopping bag.


And Just What Could Be More Canadian than



My friend Gay in her new hat ready to go home with our goodies.

Thanks for hanging in to the end of this LLLLOOOONNNNGGG post. 

I hope you enjoyed seeing all the great food!

What was your favourite picture?  I’d love to hear from you!



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Sep 302013

St_L_49 Today, I would like to share photos from my visit to the Sunday Antique Market at the St.  Lawrence Market in downtown Toronto.   Saturday is the big food day in the  main historical building.  On Sunday, this building is closed but the North Building, a not so impressive structure, is busy with Antique and Collectible dealers.

Friends and I often attend events at the  St. Lawrence Market  and our favourite has to be the Executive Chef Series in the Miele Gallery in the Market Kitchen.  To be honest, any foodie event in this historical building is fabulous.  I am proud to say, National Geographic names the St. Lawrence Market the #1 Food Market in the WORLD!

I had never been to this antique market and was excited to check it out.
Perhaps it could be a venue for my business.
We’ll see.

It was a PERFECT Ontario fall day with warm seasonable temperatures and lots of sun.  The Sunday antique market opens at 5:00 a.m.  but I arrived around 10 and some vendors were just finishing setting up.  The tables and booths are both inside and out.  The outside area is in front of the building and there is a lovely courtyard beside the building with trees and benches.  There  was  a HUGE variety of items for sale.  Some typical.  Some interesting.  Some down right weird, as you will see in  my photos.

Come along and enjoy a piece of my beautiful city, Toronto!

Let’s start Outside of the Historic Market building

Front view, looking east. Note the construction cones. There's always construction everywhere.  Paddington's Pump on the right is open for breakfast. They are famous for their Reuben sandwiches.

Front view, looking east. Note the construction cones. There’s always construction everywhere. Paddington’s Pump on the right is open for breakfast. They are famous for their Reuben sandwiches.

Looking west: old meets new. The  curved building is called the "L Tower" and will be 57 stories and 600 luxurious condo suites.

Looking west: old meets new. The curved building is called the “L Tower” and will be 57 stories and 600 luxurious condo suites.

Front Facade. The large second floor windows on the right is the location of the Market Kitchen.

Front Facade. The large second floor windows on the right is the location of the Market Kitchen.

East side of the Main Market. The building runs a city block.

East side of the Main Market. The building runs a city block.

West side of Main building has outdoor restaurant seating for Paddington's Pump.

West side of Main building has outdoor restaurant seating for Paddington’s Pump.

These red banners are everywhere and WHY NOT?

These red banners are everywhere and WHY NOT?

Now, Let’s have a look at the North Building
where the Sunday Market takes place.

The not so historically beautiful North Building.  Front Street entrance

The not so historically beautiful North Building. Front Street entrance

Vendor stalls in front of the North Building and trucks unloading

Vendor stalls in front of the North Building and trucks unloading

Farmer / Food Vendor carts waiting for next week.

Farmer / Food Vendor carts waiting for next week.

Antique and collectible vendor stalls in the outdoor courtyard.

Antique and collectible vendor stalls in the outdoor courtyard.

Antique and collectible vendor stalls in the outdoor courtyard. Great place to sip coffee and people watch

Antique and collectible vendor stalls in the outdoor courtyard. Great place to sip coffee and people watch

Shall we go inside now?

Love the vintage signs. The North Building is also used for the farmers' market on Saturdays.

Love the vintage signs. The North Building is also used for the farmers’ market on Saturdays.

Hundreds of vendors, tables and people and it's only 10:15 a.m

Hundreds of vendors, tables and people and it’s only 10:15 a.m

Okay!  Let’s have a look around!

The following photos are from stalls both inside and outside.  There was just so many cool items and artisan’s work, I could have taken photos all day.

Beware, the photo list is LONG!

I was a good girl and only bought one thing I will show you later and it was a gift.  Here we go!

Sweet cherubs

Sweet cherubs

Blue themed display.  I think I want that dog!

Blue themed display. I think I want that dog!

Vintage china.  So beautiful!

Vintage china. So beautiful!


I fell in love with this Norwegian made wool blanket. But at $150, I had to give it a pass.


In this display we have an antique cradle and an axe and a cleaver. Is it just me or is this a bit creepy?


Like I said earlier… some weird stuff.


I am not entirely sure what these are. I am thinking music box or piano but they are usually in a cylinder.  Maybe it’s weaving ?? I should have asked!


Antique Spice rack. A place for your cookbook and drawers that are really jars! Clever and so sweet!


Something here for the Betty Boop lover in all of us!


I didn’t know there was a paper called the Toronto Telegram. Closed long before I came here.


Probably the weirdest and most creepiest display! That head looked so real! I think they were selling vintage hats among other things.


More typical and less scary merchandise.


Back to weird!


Even bicycles for sale!


Eclectic display.


One of the few vintage furniture dealers.


Same booth as the yellow tables. The French provincial set had very large handles you don’t often see.


I could have browsed and rummaged all day!


Vintage quilts. I have one of these ironing boards somewhere…


Ahhhhh… the cherubs again

I lOve jewelry made from silverware.  It was here I bought my one item.  A key chain for $5 for my newly licensed driver daughter!

I LOVE jewelry made from silverware. It was here I bought my one item. A key chain for $5 for my newly licensed driver daughter!


This is so politically incorrect!


Vintage typewriters

This display was so bright and shiny, I had trouble getting a good picture

This display was so bright and shiny, I had trouble getting a good picture


There were many vendors selling vintage furs. Again, they are no longer accepted in our society but man they are warm in our Canadian climate!

There were lots of jewelry vendors of all types. I liked how this vendor used a vintage sewing basket to display her vintage jewelry.

There were lots of jewelry vendors of all types. I liked how this vendor used a vintage sewing basket to display her vintage jewelry.

his woman from Guatemala was demonstrating how to "Back Strap" weave.

This woman from Guatemala was demonstrating how to “Back Strap” weave.

This woman from Guatemala was demonstrating how to "Back Strap" weave.

Note the strap across her back which anchors the loom at one end while the other end is tied to something secure.


The sale of these woven items support Guatemalan women’s guilds.


The owner of this cutie was setting up his booth selling vintage shearling bomber jackets. Lots of Starbucks was being consumed since it is just down the street

Speaking of Starbucks, it’s time for another coffee!

But one last picture!

A block from the St Lawrence Market is my FAVORITE building in Toronto,
often referred to as the “Flatiron Building”.

Facing the front of the building, the downtown core soars behind it.  One way to track the growth of towers in Toronto is to review the thousands of photos and paintings of this building since it’s completion in 1892.

Here it is captured on September 29th, 2013.

I hope you enjoyed your visit to a little corner of historical Toronto.

What was your favourite part?

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