Mar 012014

Last week, I shared my latest estate sale purchase of 8 side tables.    Once I got them home, I was able to have a good look at them.  Every piece was in relatively good shape.  The previous owners  obviously liked mahogany and the classic look similar to furniture from Bombay Company.  Some pieces were in fact from Bombay Company but others were of indeterminable sources.  Below is the photo of one of the lots I picked up.

set of 3

Three Tables:  Marble topped pedestal,
tiny with a tray pull out
and a vintage open shelf with drawer.

The marble topped table has some faint stains and I am currently trying some techniques to remove them.  I will post my success or failure at a later date.  It is a very sturdy table and I think cleaning up the marble and painting the base will make it very special. 

The square table is teeny tiny!  It is very Bombay Company-ish.  It has a little tray that pulls our for drinks or these days, a smartphone LOL. 

The side table is quite interesting with the open part at the top and the drawer at the bottom.

Now, the last table, the one with the open shelf and the drawer is the HIDDEN GEM!  The burnt-in label inside the drawer said KINDEL, Grand Rapids.  From previous research, I became aware Grand Rapids Michigan, at one time in history, was the furniture capital of the US and was nicknamed “Furniture City”.  Of course I checked out e-Bay to see what Kindel pieces were out there and I found numerous larger pieces all commanding some major dollars!  But none like my little piece.

table open drawer

Kindel Furniture Company Side Table

table drawer

Dovetail joints on the drawers

table accent

Pretty Fret work on the top

table back

Lovely detail on the top.

Excuse the dust… those photos were taken at the auction site.  My house is a bit cleaner 😉

The Kindel Furniture website allows you to send in the pattern number found on the back of chests or dressers along with a photo.   I did this last week and a few days later, I received this reply:

Here is what research could find. Some of our older records are incomplete.  We used to file everything by hand and then we had the fire and lost some. We are working to archive all info that we have and put it on discs but we are not complete yet.  This item is from The Colchester line which was produced from 1936 to 1949. The only cost we found was for $20.50. I do not know if this was net or retail.

Bessie M. Christian, Relationship Manager

Isn’t that interesting and fun!  So basically this piece is 70 years old, give or take a few years.  I don’t think I will paint this one!  It is in amazing condition for 70 years! 

I love researching mid-century pieces.  So many of these great furniture manufacturers have closed shop both in the US and Canada.  I suppose rising wages and foreign competition took it’s toll.  Sad really but still very interesting to look back and see what they were making at their peak!

My problem is:  What is it worth? 
I fear it will not be too much but most definitely more than the $20 I paid for it! 

What do you think I should ask? 

Sadly, I don’t have a spot for it in my home….

By leaving this piece as it is, I think it will still be

Nicer Than New!


Feb 262014

A few months back I posted about my addiction to on-line Estate Sales.  Recently I vowed to myself I would NOT BID on anything until I clear out much of what I  have.  But OMG, I don’t seem to be able to control it!  Is this an indication of some sort of disorder?  I fear it may be!  Regardless, I bid and acquired 8 side / occasional tables for $160.  Hmmm…. $20 per table may not be profitable in the end but, ah they were so sweet! 

When I look in the garage and my workshop, I think I should change my name to “Side Table Joanie”!!  I have far too many side table / bed side tables to work on!!  I fear I am a hoarder of sorts but according to the MAYO Clinic, I am not!  Apparently, I am more of a collector

It’s important to note that hoarding is different from collecting. People who have collections, such as stamps or model cars, deliberately search out specific items for their collections. Collectors often categorize their items and carefully display them. Hoarders, on the other hand, will save random items they encounter in their daily life and store them haphazardly in their homes or surrounding areas.
Mayo Clinic website

Well that’s good news!  Back to my latest stash….


Most of what I acquired this past weekend is very much the Bombay Company style and some pieces are from there.  The previous owners obviously liked the look.  Everything needs attention of some sort.  Maybe not the best bargain but they all have great  potential!

set of 4-1

Four tables: 2 matching pie crust, one drum and one shelved.

The two pie crust tables and the shelved table are from Bombay Company.  Their furniture seems to hold some of its value due to their practical size and classic style.  Still, don’t people get bored of mahogany?  I do.  So maybe a mix of wood and paint.  We’ll see.


half moon

Half Moon Console table.  I love these tables.

This is another piece from the Bombay Company.  These demi-lune tables are so classic and practical.  Lots of potential to add some real interest to an entrance or hall.  It could even be a small desk … a laptop station.


set of 3

Three Tables:  Marble topped pedestal,
tiny with a tray pull out
and a vintage open shelf with drawer.

The marble topped table has some faint stains.  I am currently trying a technique to remove them.  I will post my success or failure at a later date.  It is a very study table and I think cleaning up the marble and painting the base will make it very special.  The square table is teeny tiny!  It is very Bombay Company-ish.  It has a little tray that pulls our for drinks or in these days, a smartphone LOL.   The side table is quite interesting too, with the open part at the top and the drawer at the bottom.  I love the fret work at the back of the top.


Do you think this was a good haul for $160? 

Was I compulsive or smart to snatch them up? 
I would love to hear what you think? 

Regardless, they all have great possibilities and this is a HOBBY / business so …

Can I make them

Nicer Than New?

I think so!


Jan 272014
Mission: Colour

This winter seems longer and colder than any in my recent memory.  This means I have been spending more time at home and inside.  The cold weather  also put me in a bit of a funk and I wasn’t making much headway on my long list of painting and other projects. 

Mission: Colour

However, I am happy to say my mood seems to be turning around! Especially after I sold some painted furniture pieces and I have a small  commission to do.  Yippee! 

During my funk, I also added one more general project to my list:

Add more COLOUR to my decor. 

I have a tendency to play it safe with my furniture and accessories by going for neutrals.  That’s fine for the big pieces but I have also taken the safe route with my accessories, pillows, etc.  That all began to change when I painted my dining room furniture a couple years ago.  That decision was a brave and daring step for me! It was that decision that has since sent me on this journey of updating vintage furniture and starting this blog.  My very first blog entry featured the dining room transformation.

Well now months later, I am looking around my home and while loving it, I am CRAVING for more colour!  As a result, 2014 I am embarking on


There are so many places I want to add colour!  Where to start!  How about where you enter the house! 

The Foyer

I have an open concept foyer with a vaulted ceiling and a skylight.  Currently, with the exception of a very colourful oil painting over the bench, everything in the entrance way has gold, ivory and beige tones.  Well at least it did until last week. 

Mission: Colour

Even Cody, our Golden Doodle, is part of the colour palette 🙂

I used the oil painting above the bench, with its multitude of colours as my source of colour inspiration.  I was immediately drawn to a beautiful teal in the lower area. 

Mission: Colour

A triptych painted by a local Canadian Artist is the only source of additional colours.

  Mission: Colour

The blue is a dark teal.

Across from the bench is a little alcove where I re-purposed a mini-buffet from our dining room set.  It had not been painted with the other pieces. 

Mission: Colour

This piece replaced a baker’s rack. Perfect fit and a catch all for mail, keys and change.

I’ve been planning on painting it for several weeks and I finally got my act together and painted it and I LOVE IT!!

Mission: Colour

Oh how I love it!

Mission: Colour

Sherwin Williams MAXI TEAL in semi-gloss enamel.

Mission: Colour

We’ve always had plate glass on the top to protect it.
Good idea now that it is by the front door.

Mission: Colour

Isn’t that so much more welcoming and fun?  After living with the wood, it is a bit of a shock when I enter the foyer now but it does make me smile.  every time.

Do you love it as much as I do?  

Now however, I need to do something with the mirror
It seems to blend in to the walls and is lost. 
I am thinking of painting it Oil Rubbed Bronze, similar to the handles. 
If you have a suggestion, please pass it along!

Now that I have started, I will be addressing the monochromatic items on the tiered rack you see in the mirror.

It is so good to be inspired once more! 
Does weather affect your moods and productivity?

I’d love to here from you!


Nov 182013

This past weekend, I took advantage of the relatively mild weather and took a few of my to-do pieces outside to strip and sand.  (Did you know chemical furniture stripper is not affected by temperature?)  Today is more typical November weather.  In other words, blustery and cool so it’s a good day to tackle a few little things and work on the newly prepared pieces.

On one of the pieces, I am thinking about painting or lining the drawer interior.  To get inspired, I pulled out my box of scrap-booking papers.  Why I have these papers is beyond me.  I have NEVER scrap-booked!   Don’t ask!

I decided to try out one method by lining the drawers in the vanity in our family room bathroom.  The vanity is very dark and every little water stain and dust shows in the drawers. A removable protection would be so much easier to clean.

liner04 liner05

 After measuring the interior of the drawers, I cut the paper and some clear ConTact paper to size.
Then I laid the paper face down on the sticky side and voila!




However, I still  don’t know what I will do with the drawers on the little side table I am painting.
Do you have any suggestions?


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