Mar 242014

Okay.  I love this table.  It is in my living room. I have had it listed FOREVER! on Furnishly, Kijiji and Craigslist.  But no takers!  It is listed for $65 .  It is the most solidest table ever.  Did I say I love it?  BUT it has NOT SOLD!!! 

Paris step table

Paris step table

Tres Belle table!

Tres Belle table!

Paris step table

Distressing on top shelf


So I ask myself:

  1. Is Toronto not interested in “Shabby Chic”  ” Midcentury” or what???
  2. Is the price not good?  PPPPLLLLEEEEEASE!  No Chinese made table even comes close to this baby!
  3. Is it my workmanship???  I truly hope not!
  4. Is it just meant to stay with me!  Adorn my living room with it’s loveliness and it’s tribute to my love of Paris?
  5. Ohhhhh… Maybe Toronto buyers HATE Paris?  It could be!  We often have an issue with anything French! LOL

Talk to me!  I need to know.  Was my refinish choice POOR?  No feelings will be hurt. 

OR was the timing wrong or my design sense out to lunch??

I really thought it was

Nicer Than New


Feb 162014

I live in Canada: aka “The Great White North”.  By no stretch of the imagination is Toronto a place where we are buried in snow for 6 months.  But every so often we get a particularly nasty winter.  This is one of them! It started with early snow, then a Christmas ice storm, followed by cold, snow, cold, snow, and more cold and snow! It is in winters like this when February can be the most debilitating month of all!

A few weeks ago I shared my post “MISSION: Colour” where I pulled a gorgeous colour out of a painting and used the colour, “Maxi Teal,” to paint my foyer table.


I love the VIBRANT colours in this triptych painting!


I selected SW “Maxi Teal” for the foyer table from some brush strokes  in the lower area of the painting,

Another predominant colour in the painting is GREEN!  There are so many shades but I seem to be particularly drawn to shades of APPLE GREEN!


So Many Beautiful Greens!

 I stumbled across a very cool website ( which describes colours, provides the hex value and even gives you specific matching paint colours from Sherwin Williams and Pantone!


Apple Green!

Here’s what it had to say about Apple Green:

‘Apple Green’ is a shade of Green that is 100% saturated and 71% bright.  For reference purposes, Apple Green has the hex value #8DB600.  Searching for paints similar to Apple Green?   Sherwin Williams® carries a paint called ‘Electric Lime‘, which is 95% similar to Apple Green.   Additionally, Pantone’s® color #376 is a 95% match.

 Isn’t that cool!  But it makes me wonder, “Who wrote up all this information?” 

The previous post was titled “MISSION: Colour” and as it suggests, it is just the beginning!  I have since begun adding colour in my living room.  We updated our living room in 2012 with new flooring and furniture.  Being forever “safe” we chose  cream coloured sofa and chairs so it is easy to accessorize.  However, at the time, I played it safe with golds and greys and a bit of pale turquoise.  That was the case until I picked up this little birdie last summer at HomeSense (the Canadian version of  HomeGoods).  He has been adding a perfect pop of colour to the coffee table or the mantle.


I love this little guy!  Doesn’t he make you smile?

As part of MISSION: Colour, I decided the easiest way to add colour to my living room would be to change up the pillows.  I have been sewing for decades so whipping up pillows is no challenge to me so I will not provide any “how to”  instructions.  But basically, you cut the fabric, add the zipper and sew up the sides!  (I imagine all my the non sewing readers are thinking “Easy for her to say!”).   I headed to my local  FabricLand where I found the most vibrant “jewel” coloured upholstery fabric in a soft chenille finish.  AND of course it was on sale so I bought a variety of colours.  I plan on making new covers for most of the cushions in  both the living and family room (which also has a “safe” palette).

Today, I would like to share the Apple Green lumbar pillows for the chairs.

Here is a look at the living room in December 2012.  This was taken shortly after new flooring and furniture, before drapes, before hanging any pictures and before the Apple Green Bird.  🙂

living room progress

A very safe colour palette.

I loved the look and still do but lately I need COLOUR!

Here’s a sneak peak on what I have done so far! But stay tuned because there are lots more colours to come!

green pillow

I am loving the change already!

The drapes in the picture are from FabricLand and were less than $90!  They look so posh and custom made!  The table in between the chairs is my Paris Table updated using chalk paint and the Mod Podge graphic transfer method.  It has not sold yet (.. and maybe won’t be!)  Check out post here.

In the fall, my husband visited his elderly parents in England.  His mom has always been a bit of a hoarder which sometimes can be good when you are the recipient of some old books from the early 1900s (not the bottom 2).  Titles from Victor Hugo, Thomas Hardy and Dickens! 

Doesn’t Apple Green look amazing with Crimson Red?  I love this combo! 

bird books

Sneak peak of my Green Apple Bird and a couple of his friends on the mantle.

The little white birds are part of a set of 4 napkin rings given to me several years ago.  They are so adorable!

That little green bird makes me smile and has been a wonderful source of fresh colour in the living room.  So on a recent trip to HomeSense, I spotted this adorable matching squirrel in my other favourite and inspiring colour TEAL!  Time the Apple Green bird had a friend!


I also love TEAL so I picked up a friend for the bird!

Stay tuned for more splashes of colour as I continue on to the next phase of MISSION: Colour!

Do you have a colour that makes you smile and feel happy the way Apple Green does for me?

If you do, please share!  Just like Apple Green, reading comments also make me smile and feel happy!



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Sep 122013

Do you ever feel that way? I sure do!

This week, I was bound and determined to do, among other things, get rid of junk out of my office and get myself organized. For several weeks, although I am churning out work on both this blog and other projects, I am living in a MESS. I won’t even post a picture of my very large office space because quite frankly, it is a rather embarrassing mess of clutter and STUFF!

This sort of mess is not allowed in the rest of the house so how does it happen here.

Oh wait! Everything that was cluttering other rooms gets dumped in this room, pending some future destination.

As sentimental as I am about 60 year old board games that were old back when we played them, a time comes when some things just gotta go. (Just not that weird and quirky Snakes and Ladders game that seems oh so politically incorrect in this day and age!)

Regardless of my efforts, I did tackle a couple of little projects. I loved the Mod Podge graphic transfer on my little table a couple of weeks ago and was itching to try it again. Below is the before and after:

While I was at it, I updated a very plain tray left at my home after a book club meeting and
turned it into something I LOVE!
(Sorry forgot the before picture but let’s just say it was cheap plain balsam wood.)

French Pastry Tray

French Pastry Tray

Thank you again Graphics Fairy for your amazing Graphics!

Do you have trouble purging items you KNOW you should get rid of?


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Sep 062013

The other day, a comment from Andrea on one of my posts, led me to her blog, the Cottage Market where  landed on Junkin Joe Friday Linky Party.  Having not landed there before, (not that I can remember) I just had to have a lookee-see.  Then, half way down the page I saw it!  Low and behold…

featured 2 copy

After I un-dropped my jaw, I did a little happy dance around my desk and smiled and smiled and smiled!

Thank you so much Andrea for enjoying my French Graphic table!  It is wonderful when someone compliments your work.  However, it is the HUGEST compliment one can receive when creative, talented fellow furniture artists feature one of MY make-overs on their site!  As a newbie blogger just beginning to showcase my work, I am even more over the moon!

Aug 312013

graphic table before It’s Saturday of our Labour Day weekend and I am finally getting in a “Let’s get at it!” mood. Jet lag and fuzzy brain have caused some serious procrastination at my house this past week.  Before I start to use my new toys from yesterday’s post, I thought I would finish up a little project I started before our vacations.

I picked up this cute little table off an auction site called along with a couple other items for $5. I love the oval pie crust top and the interesting detail of the base. I wonder if it might have been part of a nesting table set due to the curved support bar at the bottom. It was my latest Home Made Chalk Paint project. The recipe I use is 2/3 paint and 1/3 calcium carbonate with a bit of water. I mix the calcium carbonate and water to make a smooth paste then I gradually add the paint and stir until nice and smooth. Apparently you can use any paint. For this I used ceiling paint in BM Navajo White.  It happens to be the shade of all the trim and ceilings in my home so if I keep this table, it should blend in.

graphic table I wanted to make this table unique by trying my hand at transferring a graphic on to the top.  Being the crazy, procrastinating researcher, I finally decided to try a Mod Podge transfer method  since I had a jar of it.  Karen at The Graphics Fairy has amazing FREE vintage graphics.  I selected a Patisserie or bakery sign.  The graphic must be printed in reverse and on a laser printer for this method.ere is the table painted, lightly distressed and ready to go.  Note the fancy dollar store art brush.  It literally took me a couple of minutes to paint the Mod Podge on over the printed parts then turn over and smooth out the paper.  I initially used my finger and then really smoothing it out with the top of a Glysomed hand cream jar that happened to be handy.

All the websites say the hardest part is waiting for it to thoroughly dry. They were right! I had to hide it in my office so I would stop looking at it and went off to work on something else.

The Waiting Game

The Waiting Game

After waiting about 6 hours and I just HAD TO find out if I was successful AND OMG!! It is amazing!!!! SO fun! SO EASY! And one of the things I did while I was waiting was prep another table for another graphic. I may be hooked! graphic table done

The potential is amazing! Colour photo copies! Photos! What do you think would be fun to try?

I am newbie blogger taking baby steps. With this post, I am trying to expand my readers and connect with other bloggers by trying my hand a “Linky Parties”. This week I am partying on the following blogs…

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