Oct 232014

I swear, I have the original Rival Crockpot from the 1970s.  I think I got it for Christmas when I was in college and living on my own.  At that time, crockpots and slow-cooking was all the rage.  Just for fun, I googled “1970 Rival Crockpot” and lo and behold, my crockpot is now “Vintage” on e-bay and the sellers are asking a pretty penny for them.

vintage crockpot

$80 on e-bay!!

However, my “vintage” crockpot  has a special feature.  Last year, one of the legs cracked and broke.  No problem at our house, I used a wine cork to fix it!


Put a cork on it!

Why am I posting about my old crockpot?  Well, it seems when the cooler temperatures hit, everyone who has one, pulls out their crockpots / slow-cookers and makes yummy, homey, comfort food recipes.  I am no exception.

A few years ago, I decided to buy a new slow-cooker with a removable crock.  It is still the Rival brand and it looks nice and washes easier but to be honest… I don’t like it!


Same brand — newer model (by like 25 years or more!)

Why?  My issue is the low setting on my newer model  is too hot.  For example, in my “vintage” model, I can set a stew on low and cook for 8 hours and it is wonderful.  In the new version, on low, the stew is done in about 4-5 hours.  Not great for 9 to 5 workers. 

But, on the other hand, for a  pot luck dinner, I love the newer model with the removable crock.  The vintage model is deeper and not conducive to serving at an event … but it is superior in the way it cooks!

So what exactly is my message….

If you find a “Vintage avocado 70s Rival Slow-cooker” at a  decent price….

It is so worth the hassle of carefully washing!


Are you a Crock-pot / Slow-Cooker enthusiast?

Are you happy with your model?


I just love comments and would love to hear about your
Crock-Pot adventures!



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