Oct 122013

Canada’s Wonderland Halloween Haunt 2013

“Canada’s Wonderland Halloween Haunt sets the stage for everything that the worst nightmares are made of with 10 horrific mazes, 3 mind-bending scare zones, 3 live shows, hair-raising rides, and over 700 undead spirits and monsters lurking in the shadows preying on the innocent.”

Canada’s Wonderland is an amazing amusement park just north of Toronto and for 13 days in October, it not only operates the zooming and looming roller coasters, it provides an additional shot of adrenaline in the form of creepy, scary pure terror!  Or so I am told.

And my 17 year old daughter is one of the “undead spirits”.   Her official job description is “Maze Monster” but her actual role is a madam of an opium den in the Terror of London maze.

Now how is that for your first real paying job?

The monsters and clowns arrive at 5:00 p.m. to get their makeup done by professionally trained make-up artists and they are good!  Then my baby spends her evenings jumping out of dark shadows, whispering creepy things in people’s ears, getting up into people’s faces and generally acting very scary.

Here she is at age 7.


We should have seen it coming!

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