Sep 182014

This afternoon, I was taking pictures of my front garden and I thought I would share it with you.  I take pictures every fall so when spring comes, I know which plants need dividing.  All the plants in this garden are either perennial or shrubs or evergreen. 

I am far from a green thumb type of gardener.  It has been trial and error and a lot of research along the way.  Our front yard faces north and it is difficult to find great annuals that do not need much attention.  So I turned my interest to perennials.  When our kids were toddlers, two of my neighbourds and I would talk about our gardens and share perennials and ideas.

Now, many years later, I do “diddly squat” in the garden thanks to the perennials I have chosen.

Front garden

Right now, my favourite perennial is at its best.  You may find my favourite to be unusual.  It is a sedum called Autumn Joy and I just love it.

s_joy close

I love it for it’s diverse offerings of colour and contrast which changes with the seasons.

In the spring, the foliage grows quickly.  It is a succulent and it’s foliage has a blue hue which I love as a contrast to the true green foliage of the other plants.  Then it produces some flowers that start out green, change to white, then in the fall, change to  the wonderful rose colour you see above.  Lastly, it is a hardy plant that sticks around in our Canadian winters.  In the winter, the flowers turn a dark brown.  Sounds rather ugly but against the snow and the evergreens, it looks like a true “survivor” when everything else is dead and wilted.


long view

ful view


Do you have Autumn Joys in your garden?

Do you have a favourite perennial or shrub?
I’d love to hear what it is!


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