Stuff In My Garage…


Stuff in my garage….my darling husband wishes wasn’t!


Oh how this chair stinks!
The foam is like a rock!



…But you gotta love the wood detail!



Garage Sale find … Look out Betty Draper!


Midcentury Modern Dresser
(without the skinny legs)



I have always loved the look of Bentwood Rockers.
But the beige and brown just got to go!


ugly tables

The drawers are mixed up and the front molding is plastic but….

Eastlake Rocker

Eastlake Rocker. Probably early 1900. An inside winter job and it will definitely be Nicer than New

One of desk(?) chair.

One of desk(?) chair.

Love the legs

Love the legs

An Amazing Oak Dining Set
6 chairs, a table with 2 wide leaves!


Two Arm chairs

Two Arm chairs


chir back

Near perfect caning on all the chairs


chair top

I can live with the carving


Lovely Legs


Table top with chevron design.



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