Nov 212014
Geometric Mid Century Step Table

This past  summer, I picked up two blond wood step tables for less than $10 for both.  They were not the typical “country” look but rather, a  sleek look with nice lines and angles.  Very MCM / Mid-Century Modern!  However, they were not especially sturdy or heavy duty.  Regardless,  they have survived years and I was smitten! I hummed and hawed about how to paint them.  Two-toned?  Two toned with dark and light stained wood?  Plain single colour?  I tried out a few MCM patterns in Photoshop but they didn’t grab me. I love playing in Photoshop!          After some research on Google and Pinterest, I found the perfect inspiration I needed! Check out this super cool

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Nov 092014
I Am Officially a Curler

To be honest, that title is a stretch.  In reality,  I am now a member of a Friday night mixed curling league.  So I am assuming it is official. For those readers who are from the Southern US or other parts of the Globe, you may have no idea what I am talking about.  For starters, being a curler has absolutely nothing to do with HAIR! Curling is that “weird” sport featured in the Winter Olympics, dominated by: Canada Sweden Scotland Great Britain Norway (Source) Yep, popular in all the cold countries for those looking for an indoor sport where they can still be cold! Here’s the deal for Mr. Nice and me… In May, we joined a private golf

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Nov 032014
Blue and Brass Vintage Magazine Rack

Just before I delivered a few pieces to my client she had someone drop off a super cute  vintage magazine rack made of dark wood with brass pulls and brass casters.  The client simply said…”Get rid of the dark wood and have some fun!”.  This is the same client for whom I transformed her old toy box to a very cool Union Jack coffee table.  She liked the blue and this magazine rack was for another room so it did not need to match. This magazine rack was cute but a bit fiddly and spraying it would be faster and easier.  I happened to have some dark blue spray paint on hand.  However it was Rustoleum Tremclad Rust Paint. Although

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Oct 292014
Easy Slow Cooker Beef Stew

As I revealed in a recent post, I think I have the “original” crockpot from the 1970s.  In fact, it is being described as “vintage” on ebay! Regardless, I have been using a crockpot / slow cooker for years!  So much so,  I often don’t use recipes for some of the standbys like Beef Stew.  I just buy the beef and whatever root vegetables I feel like and throw them in the pot and turn it on. But when my  daughter  was home from university  for Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, she asked “So what’s the recipe for this?”  It was then I realized perhaps I should write out the basics and share a few tips I have accumulated  over the many years

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Oct 272014
Reupholstering A Desk Chair

Last week, I shared the Vintage Secretary Desk I completed for a client.  I love the way it turned out with the grey paint and the contrasting walnut stained top.  It looked so fresh. This desk also came to me with a chair.  A very dark chair with gold velour upholstery.  I love the shape of it and the lovely caned back but it too needed an update. I primed and painted the chair the same SW West Highland White I used for the cubbyholes on the desk.  Then I covered the chair is a lovely peacock fabric, picking up the grey of the desk. Steps to reupholster a basic chair: Re-upholstering a chair like this is relatively simple.  I

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