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Are photo albums a thing of the past

In this age of digital everything, are physical photo albums a thing of the past?

A LONG Winter and Now:  Bronchitis

I recently shared how my husband and I survived this LONG winter.  I really should have said “mentally” survived!   The day before I shared the long winter post,  I went out snowshoeing with my friend and our two dogs for an hour or so.  It was a bit longer than planned because even before we started, I commented I felt I was getting a cold.  That afternoon we were hit with a big ice storm (yes, ,more crappy winter weather!) and in the evening we lost power until nearly noon the next day. 

I am sure it was just coincidence but I woke up in the cold house with whopping, nasty chest cold!  Bronchitis to be exact. 

Why me??

Today is Day 8 and it has let up a bit but not to the point I can be really busy and actually move around a lot and “DO” something.   It seems if I move a lot, like dash up the stairs, I have a 15 minute coughing fit.   I am very fortunate, in that I am not working outside the home and do not have small children.  However,  I am in my 50s and this has really “Socked it to Me!”.   (You may need to be a child of the 70s to get that Goldie Hawn line.)

Photo albums a thing of the past

“SOCK IT TO ME” (source)

Sorting Photos

Okay enough “Poor Me”, so what does all this have to do with PHOTO ALBUMS?

You see, I have been an avid photographer for years.  I even developed my own black and white way back in the day so I have DOZENS and DOZENS of photo albums.  I also have HUNDREDs of printed pictures, needing sorting, labeling, filing and framing.  Some stacks go back 3 or 4 years.  These are mostly travel photos along with some family and artistic attempts.   Not all will go into albums, it’s also time to update the gallery wall.

With this bronchitis, I have barely gotten out of my PJs, or bed for that matter, meaning I have been unable to tackle active, productive projects like sanding and painting.  Looking around,  I decided it is time to get out the boxes of photos and empty albums and get to work on them.  Nice quiet, non-stressful activity.  This will also be a MAJOR de-cluttering / organizing task that is SO LONG OVERDUE!

Photo albums a thing of the past

Sorting and Filing is well underway.



This is most but not all of my albums. Looking from top to bottom, you can almost see the “History of Photo Album Styles”. The top row are the peel and stick type!


Photo Albums

I love printed photos. 
Do you?
I love to look at them. 
I love to touch them. 
I love to remember and reminisce over them.

Will my daughter and the next generation value photo albums and the memories they hold as much as I do?

Are printed photos and photo albums following a similar path as music?  I distincely remember my first stereo receiver, turntable, cassette deck and then CD player.  Now all gone.

A couple of summers ago, at the encouragement of my husband and daughter, I sorted through all of my albums, selecting HUNDREDS of  important pictures and sent them to be digitized. I have them on both CDs and a dedicated hard drive.   I did the same with the literally hours and hours of family and vacation video we have on 8mm.  It was an expensive venture but it is very important to me that we preserve these memories.

To date, neither my husband or my daughter have taken a look at what we now have on digital.

Is that not a telling sign?

 Is the effort of labeling and filing photos, in order to capture memories of precious times together, now a  futile effort?

I have also realized I have not printed and filed away our pictures from the trip we took in August of 2013 to Prague and Vienna.  Should I bother?  Will this be the last of my photo albums?

Maybe I am just getting old and old fashioned.

Yes, we are all busy.  Life is moving so fast.   Maybe too fast.

Capturing special moments seems to be no longer all that special.  It is instantaneous.  Then it is on to the next “special” moment. 

Regardless, I will continue to tackle this task over the next few days when I need to sit quietly and watch NetFlix or listen to a book from Audible on my phone.

Do you still print photos and fill photo albums?

Do you think photo albums will go the way of records and CDs and maybe even DVDs?

I would love to hear your thoughts!


( Did you happen to note the irony in the last sentence before my question? )



  23 Responses to “Are Photo Albums a Thing of the Past?”

  1. I love photo albums! I have been scrapbooking albums for my girls, ages 20 and 17, since they were babies. It’s fun to just sit and look through them and see all the changes. My mom did this also. We have looked through her vacation ones when my family has gone on similar vacations. I also made one for my dad that had the past 3 generations in it. I think they are priceless. There is nothing wrong with backing up the pictures onto a cd or harddrive, but having the actual pictures is priceless! I am visiting from What to do Weekends today.

    • I love the albums too but I notice my daughter only stores her pics on her computer and Facebook. She rarely asks me to print!

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing! I hope to see you again soon.

  2. I agree with all of your comments. I have inherited pictures from grandparents and parents plus my own over the years. I am 70 plus !!!! While most are the usual photos of family members standing in a row, I DO have some gems. Also my granddaughters are doing genealogy projects and IF I find a good image of a certain relative who is no longer living, they are able to put a face with the name of a relative they never met. Also able to picture them as a younger person rather than just an elderly relative.
    There are definite advantages to digital: Instant gratification, ability to determine whether you got a decent image, no cost constraints of buying film or running out of film or even developing. . But I just enjoy looking through albums. Probably a young person would have an entirely different opinion. It’s probably a generational thing and depends on what a person grew up with.
    I DO wish (and I’m the worst person to advise this because I generall don’t do it) that people who take photos would identify the people in them and the date or occasion they were taken. I have many photos of people that I have NO idea who they are. SAD.

    • Thanks for dropping by Judy! I have to agree with you regarding the “labeling” of photos. I too have many photos from my younger of people I don’t remember! LOL. If I have a batch of printed photos I often take them with me if we are going on a long drive. While hubbie drives, I label and then stuff them into the pages.

      I think I will continue to print and catalog my photos…. for the time being anyway!

  3. I don’t think the photo albums are a thing of the past! Also, for all those digitized prints why don’t you make a slide-show and put it on the TV the next time you are all together? Or use them to print photo books from Shutterfly or Snapfish? I have put both the photo books and the albums out on the coffee table for people to look through. My children are young 4 and 6, but they LOVE to look at the books, regardless of the format.

    • I have not explored printing photo books to date. I do agree kids like to look at pictures. On thing my daughter did, albiet a bit self centred, she digitized all the videos we had of HER as a child, from birth to the time she was doing it. I must admit, her friends found watching my artsy, drama kid “directing” videos at age 4 is, to this day, highly entertaining to them! Media will change but I sure hope the desire to save memories never goes away!

      Thank you for dropping in and I really hope to see you again.

  4. This is so neat…I love old albums.

    Thanks for joining the Link Up this week!

  5. I have tons of scrapbooks and photo albums and boxfulls of pictures. I am now into diidgitial scrapbooking (you can see a few pages I’ve done on my blog), but I don’t print them out like I intended to. I do, however, have a ton of pictures on several “full” flash drives. I will print them off and place them in small albums from time to time.

    I’m not sure how to really answer your question, but it sure does look like photo albums will go the way of records and CDs and maybe even DVDs. It’s somewhat sad, isn’t it?

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks for dropping by Cyndee! The whole capturing memories is changing so rapidly! I will still persevere with my photo albums but I am be a dying breed! Rather sad really! And yes, I have many digital “albums” I share on my personal Facebook but it’s not the same as opening a book and touching and feeling the pictures…. Or is it?

  6. […] didn’t get to this project until I was struck down with bronchitis a couple of weeks ago.  Bored out of my mind and not able to do anything too […]

  7. I have kept all my old photo albums from the overseas trips I did in my 20s (from the days before digital cameras), I’m hoping my daughter will enjoy looking at them when she is older. I have a digital frame on my desk at work … perhaps the digital photo album will be next 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    • I am in my late 50s and I too have albums from all my travel adventures. I hope my daughter will enjoy them. It is such a changing time where I find there is little interest in “the past”. Maybe time and age will change their perspective.

      Thanks a bunch for dropping by! I hope to see you again soon.

  8. I make scrapbooks online now and have them printed. I used to cut and glue and create albums by hand. But, I don’t have a dedicated space to work on it so I have to pull everything out and put it away every time – just doesn’t fit in my lifestyle anymore.

    I still insist on having back up copies of my photos in the cloud. My grandparents had a flood and among the many things lost were boxes and boxes of photos. My mom still laments their loss 50 years later.

    Saw this on Talented Tuesdays.

    • Thanks for dropping by and your comment. I think I really should look at on line printed albums. Do I really need to print ALL (or numerous) vacation pics. I think I should look into it. It may save me time and get it all finished faster….

  9. I think photo albums might be going the way of the 8 track, but I personally will always treasure the ones that I have! I sure hope you are feeling better – thank you so much for stopping by Talented Tuesdays and sharing with us!

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  11. Such a great post to read! I’ve always been a physical photo lover and have just started to get back into scrapbooking so I can try and display them in a more creative way!
    I’ve featured you over on my Talented Tuesday Link Party Blog this week! Make sure to head across, check it out & link up again with us 🙂

    • I never could get into scrapbooking but it looks like fun. Thanks very much for dropping by, commenting AND featuring me! Be sure ot follow me or just drop by again soon!

  12. I totally agree with you. I prefer photo albums. Although CDs and DVDs are very practical, I can’t touch them. They require me to open my computer every time I want to watch photos. Love this post!

    • Hi Liisi. I too like to touch the pictures. Besides the albums, I usually pick a few travel or family pictures for my gallery wall so I can look at them when just passing by. I hope you follow me on BlogLovin’ or Pinterest or just drop by again soon!

  13. I know several younger women, 30’s-40’s that are very much into scrapbooking their photos. I intend to do that with some of my photos too. I love to look at the photos that are printed and have only gotten around to printing any in the last few years since all this digital stuff came about. I’ve also been trying to scan my old photos and transfer movies to digital so they can be shared with more family members. It is my way of preserving them in case of some disaster too. If I can give them to enough family members, surely we won’t all lose them at the same time.

    Hope you start feeling better soon. I’ve had bronchitis before and know how it feels, so for right now, pleas walk up those steps. I’m also old enough to have watched Laugh In a lot.

    • LOL! I was a teenager during those Laugh In days. It was so trendy at the time! Thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment.

  14. Thank you for linking up with Idea Box!

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