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I recently wrote a post describing my unintentional blogging hiatus.  The puzzling thing about the break in blogging was that I was still busy and had lots to share!  Regardless, today I want to share some etched glass Christmas gifts I made for family.  I had a couple of failures which I will also share.
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I only see my one brother, his wife and their grown kids at Christmas and we only give little gifts.  All my gifts were around $10 per person.  I decided on a personalized casserole for my SIL, beer glasses for my brother and one of his sons and stemless wine glasses for my other nephew and his wife.

Double walled glass

These are great! They keep the beverage cold and don’t sweat!

 I picked up everything at a great Canadian store called Kitchen Stuff Plus.  They sell all kinds of dinnerware, gadgets, etc. There, I was able to buy all the glassware for my projects.  For the beer glasses, I found these great double walled pilsner glasses.  I did check to ensure they were glass and they were and made in Italy.  I also picked up a Pyrex brand casserole for my SIL and stemless wine glasses.

I used the Martha Stewart etching cream I picked up a Michael’s with a 40% off coupon.  Thank goodness because, although it goes a long way, the creams are expensive!

I purchased the images I wanted to use from the Silhouette Design Store.  After I created the design, I used my Silhouette Cameo to create the stencils on basic dollar store contact paper.  I also used clear contact paper to transfer the stencil to the glassware.  I wanted the monogram to be clear with a etched box around it.


Yup! I am of Irish descent through and through!


Martha’s etching cream is brown…. The little bowls are to stop it rolling.


My SIL’s casserole. The stencil is in reverse and on the OUTSIDE of the bottom.

Etching cream on the OUTSIDE of the casserole.

Fail:  Etching Creams Do Not Work on All Glass

Both of the above attemps FAILED!

I later found the creams do not work on PYREX brand.  Not sure what happened with the other glasses.  It was glass.  When I removed the cream, I was so disappointed…


FAIL! It didn’t make a single mark on the glass.


I went back to Kitchen Stuff Plus and picked up some basic glass beer mugs and they worked perfectly!  This time, I decided to have the monogram etched without a frame.  My brother and my nephew loved them!




My nephew has a “thing” for owls.  Always has.  He collects owl art so I knew the wine glasses for him and his wife would have owls.  I purchased these images from the Silhouette store as well.  I just love how they turned out!


Aren’t these cute??


Who needs wine glass charms when you have your own owl!?

I think my family were a bit stunned to receive such personalized gifts.  They all seemed to love them but I think they may have thought I put a lot of time and money into them but to be honest, glass etching is SO EASY!  When you have the right type of glass!

You know, after I finished these, I posted pictures on my personal Facebook page and since have created at least 10 other gifts for my friends to give!  Maybe I should keep my “talents” a secret!  LOL

Have you used glass etching cream?

Any failures other than PYREX?

Love to here from you!


  27 Responses to “Etched Glass Gifts: Fails and Success”

  1. Well, when it worked it worked well! What a great gift idea!
    I would love for you to stop by my blog and join our Something to Talk About link party!
    Have a great day!

    • Hi Karen! I am happy to hear you enjoyed my post and my projects and thanks for dropping by! I will make a point to check out your party!

      • Thank you so much for linking up with Something to Talk About! I look forward to seeing what you share this week!

  2. This is SOOOOO pretty! I love how these turned out! 🙂

    Thanks for joining the Link Up this week!

  3. I have never used etching cream but I really want to try it sometime. Thanks for sharing the good and the bad. 🙂

  4. For several years, I would go to the dollar store and get coffee cups. As you said before, MAKE SURE THEY ARE GLASS!!!! I had bought 20 coffee mugs and it would not etch on ANY of them!!! I was so frustrated!!!
    I went back and got other coffee mugs and etched my teams initials on one side and an angel for the women and something outdoors for the men. I then put in a package of hot chocolate and a candy cane and wrapped the handle with ribbon.
    I have not done this for several years, but just the other day, someone told me that they still have the coffee mug I made them and they have it put up. I told them that I made it for them to use, but they didn’t want to use it and have it broken. I have also etched on colored glasses, like blue glasses, which turned out BEAUTIFUL!!!!
    Most craft stores have the etching which is very easy to use, just be careful that you don’t go over the edge of the paper or stencil. These make a GREAT birthday, anniversary or ANY gift that has a lot of meaning to the person that gets it!!!
    I need to start doing this again, because so many people keep asking when I am going to make them again. It is pretty cheap and easy to do and the people who receive them cherish them for the rest of their lives!!! I know because I made coffee cups for my father-in-law and mother-in-law, and they NEVER used them, but now that they have passed on, I got them back. They have so much meaning to me and my husband that they are put up so they won’t get broke.

    • It was disappointing to go through the whole stencil preppiing process only to find the glass type was wrong. Live and learn. Thanks a bunch for dropping by!

  5. Awesome Owls! I have done quite a bit of glass etching, but I’ve never done owls.

    • I too loved the owls. I may do some for myself but for my nephew and his wife, they were just too perfect.

      Thanks for dropping by!

  6. I tried glass etching once, and mine turned out so faint you could hardly see them. Yours look wonderful, so I’m inspired to try it again! Thanks for sharing these at the Vintage Inspiration Party!

  7. I love how these turned out! I haven’t tried etching anything in a while, but it makes such a beautiful personal gift. I think the owl glasses are just the cutest thing ever!

    • They do make great gifts and they seem to impress! They are easy but the picking and peeling of the stencil is tedious. Thanks for drooping by!

  8. I love the owl wine glasses especially. They double as fabulous votives and vases too!

    • You are right PJ! I never thought of that! I will pass on the suggestion. Thanks for dropping by and I hope to see you again.

  9. I never even knew that you could etch glass at home! I’m definitely going to be trying this out 🙂
    Thank you for linking up at the Talented Tuesday Link Party 🙂 I hope you join us again tomorrow!

  10. […] never even knew that you could etch glass at home.  Nicer Than New shared some tips to etching glass in her blog […]

  11. I love these for gifts! Thanks for joining Home Sweet Home!

  12. Congrats! You were featured on Friday’s Five Features over on DIY Vintage Chic. Stop by and grab yourself a button!

  13. These are absolutely awesome! I have used etching cream, but it was in 8th grade art class. It worked well on the sheet of glass we used back them. 😉 I would love to give it a try again!

  14. These are absolutely adorable! I’m sorry that you had a few fails before you were able to get successes, but the successes turned out beautiful!

    • The most tedious part of the glass etching is preparing the contact paper stencil. Besides the items I did for my family, I did several other items for friends to give as Christmas presents. It’s really fun! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I hope you follow me somehow or drop by again!

  15. I’ve never used etching cream. Your owl glasses look very nice!! Thank you for linking up with Idea Box!

  16. Wow! These are fantastic! What great gifts. I haven’t tried glass etching before so it is good to read about your experience with the Pyrex brand (which I see as a “good” brand so probably would have tried it on their products!!) so I didn’t waste time and money. Thanks for linking up at Mum-bo Monday

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