Feb 242015
Nicer Than New

It would appear I have taken an unintentional blogging hiatus which sadly lasted THREE months.

I am calling it a hiatus or break but it was really a bit of a blogging block.  If I had been asked “What’s in your way?”  I really did not have an answer.  Not a really good one such as “work got in the way” or ” I was terribly ill”.  I don’t have any really good answer.

I have been doing lots of projects and photographing them but I just didn’t blog about it.

I have a few inklings to the cause of my gap none of which should have caused a THREE month gap.  Perhaps the combination of them all just made me hit a wall. 

Here are a few samples:

  • I have been really wanting to grow my blog.  So why stop writing you ask?  Good question.  It was not meant to be so long.  I just wanted to ponder on the direction I want to go in.
  • I wanted to “spruce up” my web design.  I actually spent a great deal of time on this aspect.  But is was mostly in researching and in the end I have only made a few changes:  header, background and fonts.
  • My office is a disaster.  My office is in a very large room in our lower level walkout.  My desk faces a lovely patio door with a view of the ravine behind our house.  That is all lovely but behind me is an absolute mess ABYSS of projects waiting to happen.  Everything from sewing to  upholstery to painting.  You name it and it is most likely somewhere in that jumble.
  • Too many projects in the wings resulting in a lack of focus. My friends and family praise me for my talent and great organization skills but for some reason, between the state of my office and the number of projects, I just lost focus.  Plus, I need to sell more of my painted and upcylced furniture pieces.

Okay so enough whining!!! 

There is NOTHING IN MY WAY!  Well nothing a little scheduling and organizing will not handle.

Please welcome me back to the
Blogging World


Wish me LUCK!


  12 Responses to “An Unintentional Blogging Hiatus”

  1. Joan,
    Welcome Back, dear friend!!!
    I don’t know of many bloggers with longevity in The Land of Blog
    that haven’t, at times, faced the same.
    It takes many hours to create each post!
    Taking photos is one thing, editing photos, matching text to photos
    and presenting a pleasing visual is a whole ‘nother story!!!
    I am thrilled to see you back!
    Here’s to great blogging in the Year ahead!!!

  2. i hope you get back to blogging, i enjoy reading your posts

  3. Always glad to read your articles. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Good luck! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for joining the Link Up this week!

  5. Trust me, I can totally relate. Welcome back! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Welcome back! Hopefully, they time away has left you refreshed and ready to keep at it now. I took a month break when my Dad had open heart surgery and my plate was WAY TOO FULL… so no blogging … at all….and I was fine with that… then it was a bit hard to get back to doing it… then I was back into it just fine again. Hope all goes well for you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I have found a hiatus usually does me a lot of good creatively. My longest has only been about 2-3 weeks on my food blog and much longer on my crafting and other blog. So I understand.

    Saw this on Talented Tuesdays

  8. Found you from Mimi’s A Tray of Bliss. I am looking forward to seeing what more you have to write! Sometimes a break is just what you need, but once you get back into it you wonder why you thought it was so hard (well, it does for me ;))

    • Hi Fiona! Thanks for dropping by! I am getting back in the swing of blogging … even with a nasy cold! I hope to see you back again!

  9. Hi Joan…so happy to see you back! Your projects are a thing to behold, and now you’ve got your mojo back, I’ll look forward to more. I’m so pleased you’ve shared at Five Star Frugal too. Thankyou…Mimi xxx

  10. Hi Joan,

    I am visiting your blog for the first time from your post at The Shabby Nest’s Frugal Friday. I so hear you on getting what I call blog (it happens in design, too) paralysis. I think it hits everyone at one time or other, sometimes more often for some than others. I think it’s a natural human being thing, to tell you the truth. I believe it is our heart and mind’s way of “nudging us” and reminding us that while a routine is a good thing, too much routine without any variance in life is not so good, and sometimes our head and heart go on strike for a little while. Mother Nature has many different approaches to make us sit up and realize that something is slightly out of kilter in our lives from time to time and we just need to take a time-out. We all need to be refreshed and renewed periodically, it’s part of being a human being and in the hectic 24/7 world so many of us live in today, it is absolutely a necessity for survival of our own true selves — our souls, if you will. Yeah, fans who are used to visiting one’s blog on a regular basis will wonder what is going on when posts stop, but will revisit again from time to time to see if things have started up again. If they do not, well, other people will discover your blog. It’s a never-ending cycle, part of our renewal process. Welcome back, carry on ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks for the comment and encouragement! What I really need is a schedule. Since retiring and now my child is at university, free time is almost a curse. There is a saying “give a busy person a job and it will get done!” So I guess for me a schedule and a to-do list are now a must!

      Thx for dropping by!

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