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To be honest, that title is a stretch.  In reality,  I am now a member of a Friday night mixed curling league.  So I am assuming it is official.

For those readers who are from the Southern US or other parts of the Globe, you may have no idea what I am talking about.  For starters, being a curler has absolutely nothing to do with HAIR!

Curling is that “weird” sport featured in the Winter Olympics, dominated by:

  1. Canada
  2. Sweden
  3. Scotland
  4. Great Britain
  5. Norway


Yep, popular in all the cold countries for those looking for an indoor sport where they can still be cold!

Here’s the deal for Mr. Nice and me… In May, we joined a private golf club.  The club is over 100 years old and one day (in the nice weather) I will feature how lovely it is. 

In June 2013, after only 4 rounds of golf, I broke my ankle, thereby ki-boshing my summer golf  schedule.  I did play in the fall.  In the meantime, I met amazing like minded people close to our age (as in — well over 50) and they all encouraged us to take up curling.  The club also has a curling rink and very active program.  Another way to use our membership!

Mr. Nice and I tried curling years ago and thought is was slow and COLD.  At the time we were big on tennis and curling just did not cut it on the aerobic front.

Well, fast forward at least 25 years and we are presented with an opportunity to hang out with a bunch of great social people and well… CURL. 

We joined a Friday night mixed league.  The people are lovely but I must admit my first experiences were PAINFULThis sport is NOT EASY!  The first week and the clinic that followed two days later showed me that I DO NOT HAVE THE TECHNIQUE to throw the rock! 

You see there  is the style…  there is terminology… Sheet. Hack. Rock. and oh the comments about sweeping etc. to the non-curler can sound obscene!  I will not elaborate at this time.

When you watch this video, not once does the rock deliverer’s knee hit the ice.  Hmmm…not so with me.  I need to work on BALANCE! 


Source of Video: The Continental Cup – Langley, B.C., Canada, Jan 14, 2012

Basically to throw the rock, you need to push off with your left foot out of the “hack” and balance with your right leg … and oh so much more.

You are NOT meant to BANG your right knee down on the ice, but rather stretch that right leg and slide… Ya right!

Doesn’t it look graceful? 

And look at that concentration! I guess you can concentrate when you do not fall over! LOL!

Sadly for me my ability to balance with the right leg and get everything in alignment is VERY CHALLENGING! 

All of this, resulted in the HUGEST BRUISE on my right knee.  Thank goodness, my daughter had a pair of knee pads I got her for Hip Hop Dance that saved me the unbelievable pain of landing on my knee in my second session.

Now back to Mr. Nice.  I wouldn’t call him a jock because he is not a big man.  But the man is a “sportsman”.  And damn him for that!  He is such a keener and this week, he has been going to the club and “practicing” his rock throwing.  He is developing a very lovely style but in the last game, I had very BAD STYLE and still put 5 rocks in the row in the” house!”   Bruises and all!  Much to his chagrin!  I was just very happy I did not fall over.  Seriously… I tip over… often.

Look at this, they do not tip over (and no knee hits the ice) and this is SERIOUS stuff!

Oh and then there is sweeping.  This basically heats the ice so the rock will move and curl better… I think.  Sweeping I can do.  It is how you keep warm.  You REALLY want you team mate to throw too softly so you can sweep like crazy and keep warm. If you have read this far, yes, it appears to be a weird sport!  BUT very fun!

If you do not know anything about curling, this may be the most ridiculous post you have ever read! However, if you do understand curling … you will most likely relate and find the observations of a beginner to be very amusing.

Last night,  we had a match / game/ whatever they call it,  at 9:00 pm. (YES!  The second shift is very close to my bedtime!)  I had not dropped in to ractice like Mr. Nice.  So I wore my knee pad and HOPED LIKE HELL I could throw the d@m% rock into the house (the bulls eye rings).  Note: being a “first” in our team of four I feel very little pressure.  Result: I did okay!  I still threw with NO Technique and landed in the “the house” about 80% of the time and all was well.

Mr. Nice on the other hand, the man who practiced twice was terrible! but he looked good doing it!

In addition, we are SO VERY FORTUNATE to have the very best technical curlers as our Skip and Vice.  They are so patient,  so nice and SO GOOD!

All in all,  my Friday Night-out with Mr. Nice and a whole bunch of great  people has been lots of fun!   Afterwards, it is all about  consuming our favoruite beverages and being social. 

If you are bored in the winter…try curling.  Cheap and very cheerful!

 I would LOVE to hear from other curlers and curling-lovers! 
It is such a fun sport and oh so not easy!
If you can join a fun, non-competitive  group while you get the hang of it,  you may find you love the sport!
  I think.
Just bring knee pads.


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  21 Responses to “I Am Officially a Curler”

  1. This is awesome! My husband and I joined a curling league last year and you are so right–this sport is not as easy as it looks at all ๐Ÿ™‚ We had a blast in our league!

  2. This is such a fun sport to watch on TV! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for joining the Link Up this week!

  3. My mom used to curl when she was in high school in Alaska. Down here in California it is still that weird sport on the Olympics. But it is fascinating to watch and I wish I understood it better.

    visiting from You’re Gonna Love It.

  4. i always think this looks so fun and interesting, yay for you, enjoy!

  5. I always love watching the curling competitions during the olympics! I crack up hearing all of the people shouting once the rock thingy is let go by the person who is pushing it. Then watching those guys that sweep right in front of the rock – it’s hilarious! I want to do that! As far as staying upright and not tipping over – that would be a big problem for me. Grace is not my middle name. Alas, living here in California, my chances of curling are as good as a snowball’s chance in – well, you know! ๐Ÿ˜€ The only ice rink that was in our town was torn down about 30 years ago. Oh well. Maybe I can cheer you on someday in the olympics!

    • Thanks for dropping by and commenting. I know it is a funny looking sport but it is kind of fun. Our league is truly a fun one but other leagues at our club are VERY serious! Funnily, I have nver watched it on TV or on the Olympics but I guess I will need to start now.

  6. Very funny comic!

  7. Wow!! That’s informative. Thank you for sharing this.

    Great to have you partying with us at Wake Up Wednesdays.


  8. This is so Awesome!!! I love curling. I’ve never had the chance to play but I always make it a point to watch ever match during the winter Olympics and whenever I can find it on TV. I’m so excited for you! Good luck and have a great time.

  9. I am SO glad you posted this as I have often been mystified by the sport when seeing it on the Olympics and wondered about the scrubbing motion- now I know!!! I am terrible at sports so I’d probably trip over the rock as well! Thanks for sharing. Visiting from Kathe with an e x

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