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I am declaring September 1st as my New Year’s Day!

September 2013 is when I began to blog in earnest meaning it is now my one year anniversary of blogging.  However, I must admit, I am not celebrating.  I am actually very disappointed in myself.  In reality I blogged, “in earnest”, up until April.  Then I fell into a slump and my entries became very sporadic to the point where this is the first entry since mid-July!  A mere 48 days!  How can I call myself a blogger and create a following if I don’t post anything???

I can certainly come up with a number of excuses…all very lame!  Sure, it was a busy summer.  Breaking my ankle and saying good bye to our lovely dog did not help.  Then a week vacation.  Preparing for Miss Nice to go off to University also occupied my mind and my energies.  Not to mention the arrival of a new fur baby, Chester.  More about him in another post.

Like I said LAME excuses.
If I were honest, I just got LAZY!

However, I did THINK about my blog often.  I’ve been thinking about:

  • the design: fonts and backgrounds.  I changed it up a few months ago but I am not completely happy
  • developing a series or two: a topic or theme I can post once a week allowing me to plan ahead
  • hosting a link party or becoming a co-host with some other bloggers.
  • but most of all, I thought about how to motivate myself to finish the b-zillion projects I have been ignoring for MONTHS!!!  After all, that was why I started the blog!  To share my passion for updating furniture, sewing, cooking and other crafty stuff.

Three days ago, we dropped Miss Nice off at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario to begin the next exciting phase in her life. 

Throughout my life, I always felt September 1st should be New Year’s Day because unlike January, so many new things happen in September.  Not just back to school but the end of the summer routine and more time indoors.  In January, it is just the same ole same ole.

So I am declaring September 1st to be is my New Year’s Day
my New Year’s resolution
is to get off my butt and

  • start writing posts.  I love writing and sharing!
  • finish painting the 7 pieces I have partially completed … for other people!  (My friends and family have far too much patience for me!)
  • work through the other pieces I have in the garage including some upholstery projects I was once so eager to get at.
  • organize my office! I have a wonderful, large space but it is by no means pretty.  It is a disaster.  You guessed it… a disaster of unfinished projects!
  • workout more.  My ankle is healed and getting stronger so why am I not visiting the gym.

I could go on but I will not for now.

I hope by the official New Year, I will be well on my way with these few resolutions.  Check back  in four months…

Do you agree September 1st should be New Year’s Day? 


…and a better blogger!

Happy New Year


  4 Responses to “September 1st: New Year’s Day”

  1. Congrats on 1 year!

    Thanks for joining the Link Up this week!

  2. Joan, congrats on you anniversary. I love the idea. This year I kinda started fresh on September first as well. You sound just like me when you describe how you have been blogging. I get started and I do good and then I stop again. Love reading along, can’t wait to hear more.

  3. I feel pretty much the same way about my sewing. I have a waist high stack of fabric, and people such as my Miss Nice waiting patiently for finished items, and I love to sew. But, I am always distracted with other activities, such as reading on my front porch swing.

    I very much enjoy your writing. Thank you.

  4. Hi, Joan. I am glad there are other procrastinators out there! For me, September has always felt like this was when real life began again. Having spent most of my life in school, first as a student then as a high school teacher, I have been governed by the school year. Now that I am retired, it feels different but some of that is still built into my internal calendar.
    Like all procrastinators, I do the things I want to do and put off the others. Housework is my big no/no. I also have planned to do some volunteering but haven’t made it there yet.

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