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Earlier this summer, I decided I would give Container Gardening a try on my second story terrace.  After doing some research, I came up with some great ways to re-purpose containers I already had.

IMG_2461 copy

I wanted to try my hand at growing a  tomato plant, a pepper plant and a bunch of herbs.   In the past, I tried to grow herbs in my little garden behind the house but because we live on a ravine, critters got into the tasty plants.  Ground hogs just LOVE herbs as do deers.  So a container garden on the upper terrace was the answer.

About the same time I was planning this little garden, my neighbours put two large fiberglass plant pots out on trash day.  As one who does not like to pass up FREE stuff, I wandered over on the pretense of taking my dog out and had a look.  They were big and blue and had no drainage holes.  The latter two features could be easily remedied!  They became MINE!!  One of them would be perfect for the tomato plant which I understand needs good soil, space and lots of light.


Big and baby blue.

 I also remembered I had a RED Christmas-y wine bucket in the basement that I was using for a garbage can.  Being oval and with a medallion on the front, it would add some interest.  It was part of my Spray Paint to the Rescue post and it looks great in it’s new colour.


Red to Dark Bronze in minutes!

Lastly, knew I had large EMPTY Rubbermaid bins in our storage area.  These are left over from dance costume and dress up clothes storage.  A phase in our family life that is now sadly long gone!

Using my drill I made holes in the bottom of these containers.


Made good use of my trusty drill

The best find I came across was at our local Dollarama (Canadian dollar store that is EVERYWHERE!) !  They had these PERFECT flower pot supports with CASTERS for $2.50 and $3!   Bargain!


These pot stands were PERFECT and so affordable!

So, I used the big, previously blue pot for the tomato, a saved poinsetta pot for the pepper and the ice bucket and Rubbermaid container for my herbs.  Best of all, they are now all on wheels!

IMG_2461 copy

I love this little plant corner!


If these end up ripening, they will be pricey but de-lish!


This is such a tiny plant! Not sure how big these peppers will get!


The herbs are doing great!


The time is a bit skimpy but I added compost recently so hopefully these will florish.

So now I have TWO two natural vignettes to look at while I rest my broken tibula, drink my tea and read the news and my books! 

I am LOVING this space more and more this year.

I have been very successful with my perennial gardens but I am not too sure about this new adventure with containers.  I don’t think the terrace gets quite enough sun for the tomato but the herbs with the exception of the thyme are thriving. 

Do you do container gardening? 
Do you have some suggestions for successful container gardening. 
I plan to try it again next year too.

I love comments and read each and everyone so drop me a line!



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  10 Responses to “Re-purpose Containers For a Container Garden”

  1. What gorgeous ‘saves’!!!! Spray paint always saves the day. You really scored with the neighbors’ toss-outs and the coasters on wheels. It looks like a completely peaceful spot, while growing good things! 🙂

  2. I love how you have reused and recycled materials that might have been thrown away — too much goes to our landfills that could find new uses. Great post!

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  4. You broke your leg?! Oh my goodness. Hope it heals quickly. Love your containers. Your plants look beautiful! We have a few containers on our back deck with tomatoes and peppers. It’s nice to have a few fresh veggies. Thank you for sharing at Inspire Me Wednesday. Featuring you in next week’s issue.

  5. Love it. Turned out very nice. I think I might do this next year. We always have a big garden in our back yard, but it’s becoming harder for me to maintain. I think I’ll tone it down and make it pretty at the same time.

    Thanks for the awesome ideas!!

  6. We are growing some herbs indoors, but container gardening is a great way to grow your own food as well as add a little decor to your home if you spruce the containers.

  7. Featuring these on this weeks’ Trash 2 Treasure Party! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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