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When someone one says “Give me a Break!”  I don’t think this is what they mean..

I posted back in May, for some reason, I was in a funk I could not seem to get out of. I was not able to get at the oh so many paint and upholstery projects I have lined up.  I felt  distracted and shall I say a bit lazy!  Not sure what it was; perhaps that brutally long winter.  At the time, I had been blogging about 8 months and my page views and visitors were up significantly.  But my “followers” were not growing  at the same pace.  Much of the traffic to my blog was coming from my participation in linky parties.   It was becoming clear I was not exploring and taking advantages of other, more productive options available for bloggers. 

So I took a break and did some research, reading and thinking.  Still in a bit of a funk on the work front but was very busy  planning my daughter’s prom / graduation party.

Then, on Friday the 13th,
and not a nice one!

I slipped on a wet floor and went down like a ton of bricks.

I thought I had a sprained ankle because I could put some weight on it but NO… a fractured tibia  (shinbone).

This sucked in so many ways but it could have been worse.  It was my left leg so I can still drive!

Air Cast

This boot is made for walking…

In the two weeks that followed, we had a number of special occasions planned.

We were hosting our last Book Club meeting of the season,  the day after the big break.  Luckily I had set up the dining room for a formal “Great Gatsby” meal before the fall and the meal is “pot luck” and my group is so familiar with my kitchen I had no concerns and was waited on by all 😉 

Then on June 20th, we were hosting a pre- and post- prom party for my daughter and her friends and their families.  You know 45 people mingling around taking photos, eating nibbles and sipping on champagne cocktails.  I could hobble and the week leading up to this, I prepared so many cool things, decor and food, to make it special. 

I was smart though.  I called in a favour from  my bestest friend Gay,  a real estate agent, and asked her if she could be free on Friday to help me.  I do a lot of PhotoShop work for her promotional plan so it was difficult to turn me down. 

OMG without her, I would never have survived the day.  As it turned out the day was PERFECT!!!   Perfect weather.  Perfect food and drinks.  Perfect decor. Perfect. Perfect. Perfect.


All the lovely ladies!
(and my peonies in full bloom!)


This bench by our front door is the location of nearly every “First Day of School” picture for the past 13 years!


Miss Nice and her Romeo!


Their school is a dedicated Arts-Only school and this picture shows most of these kids are in the DRAMA program


That was some limo! A stretch Hummer!

 What was not perfect was I did not get pictures of the decor, the food or the drinks.  I so wanted to do a blog post on it.  You know, get out of my funk.  But NO!  Jusy no time to spare to take photos.  This is definitely a blog issue I will work on… allow WAY more time for things I want to blog about.

Then June 23rd was Miss Nice’s eighteenth birthday and on June 25th was her high school graduation!  Talk about packing it in!


A grad picture on the bench was a must!

It has now been two weeks since my big break and the pain has subsided quite a bit.  I quite like the feel of the air-cast when I put it on.   It nice and snug and makes me feel more stable. 

Mr. Nice and I leased a golf membership for the summer at a private club, making this break VERY untimely and expensive.  However, I plan to go to the range this week and see how much it puts me off balance.  We can always take a cart!

Today, I am going to tackle some paint projects because the weather here in Toronto is magnificent!  And I want to go outside!

Similar to my post back in the winter,  Make Like Nike and “Just Do It”   I plan on getting off my butt, out of my funk and be productive regardless of my leg.

In the meantime, I have one more decision to make: 
In the first week of July, do I really want to fly to England to see my in-laws while sporting a cast? or should I go in the fall when Mr. Nice usually goes alone? 

Have you taken a long flight with a cast on?

Have you ever had a bad Friday the 13th? 

Stay tuned for more projects and posts because I believe I am back!



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  11 Responses to “Not the Break I Was Expecting”

  1. Yikes! What bad luck! On the plus side your daughter is beautiful and looks fantastic in her photos. What did you discover in your research about blogging? I started blogging for 2 reasons: I had written a blog about teaching and enjoyed the process and I wanted to sell my furniture. It hasn’t worked much on the furniture front so I have switched to building my FB followers. I am trying to get a larger Ottawa following. As for the blog, I write about furniture styles and mix it in with my painting. I don’t have many followers at all but I do get steady traffic because people are researching styles on Google and I am fairly high up on the Google list for certain topics e.g waterfall dressers. I don’t have any drive to create a successful blog site but I am curious to learn what you have discovered.
    Hope you enjoy your trip if you decide it will be ok to fly and that your funk disappears.

    • Thanks Cathy! She is beautiful inside and out and both events were heartwarming. I will miss her next year. She’s off to Queen’s for their Commerce program. And I will miss having her lovely friends hanging around too.

      As far as the research goes, I found out a number of things that could improve traffic. A biggie is Pinterest and posting good pinnable photos. By that, adding a banner or description on the photo that gives an idea of the post it is from. Another was making better use of SEO which I had not. I am also looking at my blog design. I a very proficient in Photoshop and I created my background and button etc but I think I may take some time to create a more polished and professional look so I spent alot of time looking around a successful bloggers.

      I started blogging to share my painting and other projects and to have some fun. How do you go about selling your furniture pieces? I am finding it a bit difficult and that is another area I am looking into; finding a shop or booth or something. However, then you need to transport.

      Baby steps.

      Thanks so much for you encouraging words and for dropping by!

  2. Ouch, that looks very painful. I hope you are feeling much better. I have been reading your blog on and off for a little while and really enjoy it. Great milestone pics in this post. Beautiful. And congratulations on your daughter’s graduation.

    • Thank you so much for your good wishes! And the fact you enjoy my blog is so encouraging right now. Prom and grad were so sweet. They grow up so fast! Have a great weekend!

  3. Hi, Joan. Thanks for the info. about blogging. I am not the most computer-savvy person so some things seem beyond me. Pinterest is a bit of a mystery to me but I must say that I found a photo on a Pinterest page of yours that I used in one of my blogs-I think your page was about ugly furniture. Hilarious! Are you a member of the Canadian Home Decor and Lifestyle Bloggers https://www.facebook.com/groups/200744813430847/ They are a very supportive and helpful group.
    As for selling furniture, I started selling on Kijiji and Craigslist about 16 months ago and for about a year it was very successful in that I sold about 40 pieces. But it has fallen off dramatically in the last while and I have concluded that I got into the painting business right at the beginning of the chalk paint craze before many were doing it but now I have a lot of competition. I was not using Facebook to sell anything and now regret it. There are 2 sellers in Ottawa who sell steadily and have a large FB following. In fact, I don’t think that they use Kijiji much at all. So I have started building my followers-this is not the easiest thing to do because FB, as you know, is a closed group even on a public page. I want my likes to come from Ottawa residents because they are the only ones who would buy anything. I have done a few things: I visit pages of small Ottawa businesses and crafters and like their page and comment. Most of them will return the favour but not all. I have an Etsy shop but it is local only. I have joined any FB group that made sense. I include my FB url with every Kijiji posting. I have bought a small amount of FB advertising that targeted Ottawa residents and I have had a giveaway on my page. I post regularly even if it is to show old pix of things that I have done. In 2 weeks, I increased by followers by 200 and I am aiming for something in the 600+ range. The idea is that if a follower likes or comments on something that you have posted then all their friends see that so it does grow exponentially. The demographic of those who buy painted vintage furniture is definitely young working women and some young mothers-somewhere between 20-40 years old. They are also large FB users. So, if you want to sell your stuff from home you need to tap into the Toronto FB market; Instagram and Twitter are probably helpful as well.
    One more thing about your blog: tags bring people from Google to your page but they need to be different from other people’s. As I already told you, my waterfall dresser post is # 4 on Google and this brings me anywhere from 10-50 people a day even though the post is over a year old. Of course, they also end up looking at other posts while they are there. So it is another small refinement that might help.
    Sorry for the long post-can you tell I was a teacher in my former life? Never turn down the opportunity to expound.

  4. I had the same injury plus severely spraining the other ankle in December in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, three days into a 10 day vacation. We felt confident with the medical care I received there and made the decision to stay and check in with an orthopedist when we returned home. Flying will not be easy. It will be exhausting. You simply cannot get to your gates without assistance. I flew home from Mexico and the took another trip for a family wedding that had been planned before the injury. If you can any way avoid the travel do it. If you decide to go you need alert the airline that you will be needing airport assistance (wheelchair to and from the gate). Be prepared to tip all your helpers generously. Give some thought to how much additional walking you will need to be doing. Parking lots, sidewalks, stairs and how limited you will be. Its possible that you might not be able to go a lot of places you would normally go. I had to be wheeled through the kitchen to get to my niece’s wedding because there was no other direct elevator connection.
    I would caution you about too much activity on that leg. (golfing)???, This is the time for the bone to heal. It needs to be kept stabilized and not have the healing process jeopardized. You may not feel injured, but your body certainly is. Once the doctor gives you the ok that the bone is completely head, do some physical therapy and get your quads, hamstrings, ankles and knees strengthened as well as some balance activities. You sound like a go-getter, but you’ll pay for this for a long time if you don’t take good care of yourself. There’s nothing more important right now than taking care of your own body. Been there. Done that.

  5. Wow, you have been busy. And I LOVE your pictures! The ladies are gorgeous and that is some limo. I’ve also been in a funk and trying to get out of it. I’m participating in a blog challenge that I hope will help!

  6. Taking a long trip with a healing fracture probably would not be the best idea. One does have to think about deep venous thrombosis even though you have a fracture. It’s such a long flight and I’m sure not easily able to move around and keep the blood moving. Hope you are feeling much better by now. Loved all the photos. Thanks for sharing.

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  8. So sorry about your bad break! It wasn’t the 13th, but one Friday a couple years ago, I ran over my own foot…true story. I messed it up pretty bad, but believe it or not, I didn’t break anything! Hope you heal quickly! Thanks for sharing at Fridays Unfolded!


  9. […] had been under the weather for about a month.  It was about the same time I fractured my leg.  Then ten days ago, we were all to go visit my elderly in-laws in England.  I did not […]

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