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Up until a couple of years ago, I had never heard of “Prom-Posals”.   Proms and graduation are crazy enough but a “proposal” to attend prom???  Well here I am, the mom of a 17 year old about to graduate and go off to university in the fall.  Where did the time go?  I vividly remember dropping her off at preschool Montessori (Casa) at age 3.  Now, she is deciding her future and continuing to amaze us.

In February, I posted about a gift  Miss Nice’s lovely boyfriend, Romeo (yes his real name) gave her for Valentine’s day.  He made her a metal rose in shop class.  It was so sweet and very unique but his “Prom-Posal” blew me away! 


A hand made metal rose!

They met 2 years ago while out walking along our local Lake Ontario waterfront trail.  Both groups were out walking with school friends.  It was one of those “6 degrees of separation” kind of encounters with people who knew each other through various connections.  In the end, Romeo and Miss Nice became friends.  Let’s wind forward 2 years and now Romeo and Miss Nice are dating.  He hung in as a good friend and it worked in his favour.  That boy is smitten!

So for Prom-posal, not only did he pick a location close to where they met two years ago, he planned every wonderful minute detail. 

I won’t elaborate extensively.  I was not there but I did “host” the after party with their friends.

On the waterfront trail, there is a man-made hill you can climb to enjoy a gorgeous lake view.   He chose this location because it was close to where  they met.  He and a friend baked and decorated a gluten free  cake.  He invited 3 of her school friends to participate. (Romeo and Miss Nice do not attend the same school.)  He wrote out the word PROM in stones on the side of the hill and he added candles.  He wore a suit.  Are you crying yet?  He had his friend “kidnap” Miss Nice and our dog while she was out walking said dog.  (With texting, these kids know everything.)  He had her friends hold up a blanket to hide his “proposal”.    Miss Nice arrived as the sun was setting.  You certainly must be tearing up now.  It was the sweetest thing ever.

The cake said “Will You Go To”  and the stones and candles said “PROM”.    Okay you must be teary now or at least smiling broadly!  

Promposal collage copy


Sorry for the poor photos but is was getting dark.

Over the past couple of years as Miss Nice brings home boys, I often think about the parenting difference.  We only have one child so I love having her friends both male and female  in our home.  We want it to be a comfortable, safe and happy place to hang out and I think we have achieved it.  I  had three older brothers but this is different.  I am a parent and raising boys and girls is different.  So interacting with the boys is very special to me.  The young men I have encountered are remarkable, sensitive and just plain lovely.  

Back to the Prom-Posal.
There is one big problem with all this. 

Mother’s day is Sunday and Mr. Nice has a tough act to follow! 

Thank you Romeo!!!

Do they do “prom-posals” where you live? 

Personally, I find it odd but I do remember all the emotions I felt as the end of high school approached.
So making every last moment special is okay with me.

Wishing all you moms a happy Mother’s Day!


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  1. So sweet! Lol your husband is probably sweating buckets now haha!

  2. Prom-posals? Oh boy-what will they think of next? Thanks for sharing at Fridays Unfolded!


  3. Oh my. How sweet! I have never heard of such a thing before. Thanx for sharing this at THT!

  4. So adorable!

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