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Twenty years ago, Mr. Nice and I moved into what we were certain would be a forever home.  We were a couple of DINKs at the time (Double Income No Kids) and wanted a special home with character, entertainment space and perhaps a ravine lot.  When we walked through this house with the realtor, we were not impressed with the decor but we sure were impressed with the lot, the layout and of course the full sized snooker table in the large family room on the lower walkout level.  I often joke,”We bought a snooker table and the house came with it!”  LOL. 

Move ahead a few years and my company down-sized, I took a severence package and took some time to re-think my life.  During this time, although we were in our late thirties, we decided to have a baby.  In 1996, we were blessed with a beautiful and tiny baby girl.  Here comes the fun part.  One of my neighbours announced she too was pregnant and a few months later, a new family moved in and they too were expecting a baby.  So in the summer of 1996, on a court of only 7 houses, THREE babies were born, our daughter and two boys.   The other families also had daughters a couple years older than the babies so we had 5 young children.   Needless to say, we all became great friends.  We used to pull up our lawn chairs in the street and watch the kids on their trikes and wagons and bikes and roller blades.

Tredvalley_gang_May97 2

Our motley crew in May 1997.
( I never said all the pictures were “good”)

 All three girls ended up dancing at the same dance studio. Car-pooling was a breeze!   The girls continued with dance for many years and the boys moved on to hockey. 

I have always enjoyed photography and have dozens of photo albums to prove it.  So it just seemed natural that I became the Memory Keeper.  I always had my camera or our video camera on hand for every get-togther.  The everyday stuff and the special day stuff too.    The little dancers were always putting on “shows” for us which sometimes involved lipstick and tutus on everyone…. including the boys.  My photos and footage have been useful in marking more recent events like significant birthdays and graduation.

Interestingly, the three 1996 babies never went to the same school. For elementary one Roman Catholic, one public and one French Immersion.  The same happened when they entered high school. 

Roll ahead to 2014… as a result of invitations by local friends, they ALL went to the same prom!  I think the families were more excited about this fact than the kids were!   And of course there had to be a photo session and in front of our fireplace was the spot.  You see EVERY year on Halloween, prior to the dads taking them Trick or Treating, we met in our home and took their picture in front of our fireplace.

This was one of the "dark" years.  2002

This was one of the “dark” years. 2002

Now back to Prom Night…






…and Miss Nice still thinks they’re crazy!

I fear in the age of digital photography with phones, the role of “Memory Keeper” will be lost. 
I wish more people would take the time to sort and store and PRINT!

So many people snap and share and then move on. 

Mr. Nice and I and the other two sets of parents treasure all the pictures we have taken and shared. 

Those five kids believe they grew up on the best street ever!
And now they love to sit and watch the crazy videos we took of them. 
Many are hysterical!

Do you have a Memory Keeper in your life?

“Beautiful hours move so quickly.”
― Irene Hunt, Up a Road Slowly  

Time is so fleeting!


  8 Responses to “The Memory Keeper”

  1. This is so true! So many people rely on Facebook to store and organize their photos, but Facebook won’t be around forever! And many a computer harddrive has failed. Printing photos is so important! We can all use reminders of this. 🙂

  2. Oh wow…how cool! 🙂

    Thanks for joining the Link Up this week!

  3. Interesting. I waffle between print, CD storage and other options. I kind of come back to print. I am the memory keeper for our family And for others because I share the photos. Lots of people don’t share even if they say they will. Guess it is easy to slip your mind unless you are a memory keeper. Did I mention I forget my camera / phone sometimes?

  4. I just love this post; so many beautiful memories you’ve shared! This has been on my mind a lot lately, that I really need to make photo albums my kids can sit down and actually look at and remember stories…. even videos. We need more videos. Thanks so much for sharing on Inspire Me Wednesday. Featuring you in this week’s issue.

    • Thanks Mel! That is very sweet. Regarding videos, OH YES!!! take alot of videos. We have hours and hours. When my daughter was in her early teens, she downloaded and catalogued years worth of footage. Being an only child we may have overdone it. She’s a dancer and drama student and these traits and attributes appeared very young and we have hilarious footage. She often entertains her friends by showing them her baby and toddler videos. So much so, the friends even ask to see some of the footage on subsequent visits. But for Mr. Nice and I, we laugh but we also cry. It went by so quickly.

  5. What a wonderful, sweet story this is! I really enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing at the History & Home link party – Dawn, We Call It

  6. Adorable. I just loved seeing the pics of the kids, little and now. Linda Crafts a la Mode

  7. What a great bunch of neighbors you had! So sweet! Thanks for sharing at HSH!

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