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Okay.  I love this table.  It is in my living room. I have had it listed FOREVER! on Furnishly, Kijiji and Craigslist.  But no takers!  It is listed for $65 .  It is the most solidest table ever.  Did I say I love it?  BUT it has NOT SOLD!!! 

Paris step table

Paris step table

Tres Belle table!

Tres Belle table!

Paris step table

Distressing on top shelf


So I ask myself:

  1. Is Toronto not interested in “Shabby Chic”  ” Midcentury” or what???
  2. Is the price not good?  PPPPLLLLEEEEEASE!  No Chinese made table even comes close to this baby!
  3. Is it my workmanship???  I truly hope not!
  4. Is it just meant to stay with me!  Adorn my living room with it’s loveliness and it’s tribute to my love of Paris?
  5. Ohhhhh… Maybe Toronto buyers HATE Paris?  It could be!  We often have an issue with anything French! LOL

Talk to me!  I need to know.  Was my refinish choice POOR?  No feelings will be hurt. 

OR was the timing wrong or my design sense out to lunch??

I really thought it was

Nicer Than New


  24 Responses to “Why Hasn’t This Sold”

  1. Hey, I think it is a great looking table and a very reasonable price. The problem is the style of the table itself. Those step-up tables don’t seem to appeal to a lot of people. I had a real mid-century looking one that I painted orange thinking that it would suit the era and appeal to young people who were into MCM. It did sell eventually but I think I kept listing it for about 4 months. I started at $125 and eventually sold it for $75 but it didn’t seem like it would ever go.
    Your table is French Provincial looking and does suit the colour and graphic. You might try marketing it as a bedside table. It would certainly look nice in the right room.

    • Hi! 🙂
      I love what you did on the table, I’m a fan of the “Paris” logos too but having this too together seems odd. Is it just me or what? I think they don’t belong together.i like lovers who are not compatible with each other. 😛
      Perhaps, other vintage graphic decals will do… rustic floral, or simply french border print designs.

      If there are 2 of this, I’ll dream having it as a bedside table more than placing it in the living room.

      ‘Hope this helps. 🙂

  2. There is too much white furniture out there. All of the blogs are loaded with whitewhitewhitewhite! It is too much! Very old-fashioned table, which I like. I personally do not like words on my clothes or furniture. But, you did a nice job.

  3. My guess is the style of the table, not your workmanship. I’m just wondering if it would be possible for you to remove the top shelf and try to touch it up and it would then just have one flat surface. Then again, I repurposed a media cabinet into a storage armoire once. It was my most popular project on Pinterest but just no takers for the longest time – so go figure.


  4. Hang in there Joan, the right buyer will show up. I think you did a great job on it’s makeover. Maybe with summer coming things will pick up on Kijiji (mine are moving slowly too). Being a fellow Canadian, I had a chuckle over your comment about Torontarians not liking Paris (anything French). LOL

  5. Just a suggestion… but an old trick is 59 will sound better than sixty five and will attract more attention for some odd reason.
    Its great- good luck with it.

  6. The table has lovely lines,, and you did a great job with the transfer and painting. I wonder how it would look in a soft French blue, with gold on the trim (molding) and legs to accentuate those beautiful curves. Just a thought.

  7. I think it looks great, maybe it’s new mommy just hasn’t come along yet. I’ve had stuff sit in my booth for the longest time and I think it’s never going to sell, then suddenly it’s gone. Just needed the right buyer to come along. Thanks for sharing this at the History & Home Link Party this week – Dawn @ We Call It

  8. They style is hard to disguise. You made it look lovely. A table in that price range would never sell her in mid Michigan. That is way, way to much! I would say, you may, someday sell it in the $25-30 price range, if the right person came along.

  9. This is not mid-century Modern. This is Early American. Painting and personalizing took a lot of the value out of the table. I don’t know the Canadian local market, but this would be a $20 table where I live. I would much rather start with the solid wood table, which is probably hard rock maple and decide what to do with it myself.

  10. I have done several pieces in white with versions of either black or grey French themed stencils…in a variety of prices all under $38.00…I’ve only sold one piece in two years (she was visiting from another area). People comment on how nice they look but, no takers! I spent a lot of money on stencils and they are just not working for me.

  11. Those are some hard comments you got. You may not want to ask that question again. For Toronto, that is not too much. As I said before, I’d stage it beside a feminine looking bed. A lot of people don’t have imagination.

  12. I’ve seen some people market these as night stands. You could give it a shot.

  13. Ouch……some harsh opinions! Personally I think the table is lovely painted out and with the graphic, and I see it in a girl’s room with soft pink walls or bedding. Staging it that way will definitely help, but also the right buyer needs to come along. Have you tried selling it via consignment or markets? Seeing it in person might do the trick! Keep on doing your thing, it seems to me you have a good eye for a pretty piece and what it could be with a little paint. Thanks for linking this up to Best of the Nest, it’s a pretty little table!

  14. Super cute!!! You did a great job with it. It will sell…
    Coming over from That’s Fresh Friday! Cheers!

  15. I have 3 pieces that have not sold, sometimes it takes time for the right buyer. Be patient. I looks beautiful. Please come share this on my Chic By You Link Party @ . Hope to see you there.\

  16. My theory is 1. It’s the Early American style that’s keeping buyers away. 2. Even though the piece is rock solid it’s obviously is priced to high. It’s a cute table, just not my cup of tea. Good luck.

  17. I want to thank everyone for their comments. Some folks think some are harsh but I am pretty thick skinned. Just to clarify a few things. This piece is definitely Mid Century but not Modern. It is of a French Provincial style, not early American as many seem to think…. Hence the “Paris Graphic”. My reason for the post is, what bloggers LOVE and bloggers feature as really cool stuff … but it is not what sells! I love those of you who know a good home will be found but on the other side of things painting furniture with graphics will not be a direction I will pursue based on my experience. It is all a lovely learning experience in our own markets. Thanks and love to you all!

  18. I think it’s a nice table and though it French Provencial like you say. The curves in the legs and sides say French to me. I would hold on to it. Around here where it is an art oriented town, it would sell a little faster probably. I have seen them painted bold colors and placed in living rooms.

  19. It’s certainly cute, but as others have said: step tables aren’t the thing now. I don’t care for the graphic on it myself. It would look nice on a covered porch with green plants. I put plants on everything.

  20. I like the table..a lot. I think the graphic narrows the buyer base and I think the price is great! Just my thoughts 🙂

  21. I think the look is a bit confusing. It’s no reflection on the beautiful job you’ve done, but if I saw it for sale, I wouldn’t know whether to use it facing the way you have the graphic or sideways. Is it a an old fashioned telephone table or a stool? Is it for sitting on or do you use is as a side table? It’s a sweet piece and the graphic is excellent but maybe it’s lacking in purpose? I love your blog and everything you make over is fabulous 🙂

  22. I think this table is fantastic…be patient the owner will come…the idea of a price ending in 9 is a good one…59 or 69…your workmanship is excellent and your creativity is fantastic…what an inspiration you are.

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