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In the furniture lot I recently acquired via an on-line estate auction, there was a very simple pedestal table with a white and grey marble top.  The top had light scratches on it but what bothered me more, was the discolouration and stains. 

So of course I consulted the ever so wise GOOGLE and found I should mix up and apply a POULTICE.   That’s right… kind of like a “mustard plaster” for marble.  Regardless, it made some sense to me.


Stains in a circular pattern

I mixed Hydrogen Peroxide and Plaster or Paris into a paste with the consistency of peanut butter.  The peroxide is a whitener and the P of P is an absorbent into which the stain is drawn.  This info came from the Marble Institute website.


Mix up a poultice to the consistency of peanut butter

The poultice is then spread on your marble and it is covered saran wrap.  They suggest it should be left to dry for 24 to 48 hours.  Here is how it looked.


Spread the poultice out like icing.


Covering it with saran wrap allowed me to spread the poultice a bit more evenly

After 24 hours, I removed the saran wrap and let it dry for another 24 hours.


Dried another day without the saran wrap.
(Looks like the surface of the moon LOL)

When I removed the dried poultice, I noticed a slight overall improvement.  The website indicated it could take up to 5 or 6 applications to draw out most of the stain.  I applied THREE poultices and I have to say the stain appeared to be 80% gone and the overall colour of the marble was whiter.


After THREE poultice applications.

Sadly, I was unable to get out the scratches with a baking soda mix or a rub with extra fine steel wool.  When dealing with  vintage furniture, you can only take it so far.  And a few fine scratches show character and age. 


To remove these scratches, I would need a professional polisher.

Even though I could not remove the fine scratches, I did seal the top with a marble sealant I had on hand  for my bathroom vanity.

So now that the top has been dealt with, it is time to look at the base.

I considered going safe with a grey and white finish. 


The top is sealed and shiny.
Here are a couple of “Oops” samples I could try.

But Agh!  Too safe

The table is conservative and needs a new “look”. 
RED?  I wrapped it in red Christmas ribbon and it looked like a Valentine table. 

Then I looked at the can of “Maxi Teal” used on my “Mission: Colour ” foyer table and thought …ah that is more like it!  Or the “Buxton Blue” from my dining room buffet.

I tried a coat of BM’s Buxton Blue and it didn’t impress me so SW Maxi Teal it is!

It is so cute now and the teal adds the pop of colour I was looking for!



Before … blah


After … definitely not blah!


It’s snowing outside but this little vignette makes me think of spring!


Spring is on it’s way!

table vignette

If you use the table, you can’t see the scratches!

My new squirrel looks happy!

Have you ever tried a Marble Poultice to remove stains?

The technique wasn’t 100% effective but for a $20 table and paint I already owned and love,
I think the little table looks fabulous!

Perhaps even

Nicer Than New!





  14 Responses to “Removing Stains from Marble”

  1. Oh my goodness I love the uniqueness of the marble top! Great job getting it clean! You and tables! 😀

  2. Sun of a gun…who knew?! Thank YOU! I’m headed to get the stuff I need and fix this piece!

  3. Thank you for sharing the process. I have several marble top pieces of furniture, and it’s just a matter of time before one gets stained, I’m sure. Your table looks beautiful. I love the blue base. So pretty!
    Kim @ Curtain Queen Creates

  4. I love the way it turned out. The hydrogen peroxide and plaster of Paris is a neat trick. I wonder what other stains it can remove

  5. Im going to have to give this a try! Thanks for coming over and sharing at the Happiness is Homemade Link Party, hope to see you back Sunday morning!

  6. So pretty! And great tip and tutorial for removing marble stains. We have a console table that was my husband’s grandparents. Now I know how to whiten it! Thanks for sharing at Fridays Unfolded!


    • Hi Alison! I hope the whitening process works for you. It does take a few times and each is sublte but it did seem to work. Good Luck!

  7. Great tips, I had no idea you could even take stains out of a marble stand like that! The vignette you created with the turquoise squirrel just looks terrific with the painted base. Featuring this on my Link Party Features Pinterest Board. Thank you for sharing this at History & Home this week, take care. Dawn @ We Call It

    • Hi Dawn. Thanks for featuring my little table on your Pinterest board. I am so loving that turquoise colour these days and my new little squirrel. Thanks for dropping by!

  8. Looks great, love the blue! Thanks so much for sharing at Amaze Me Monday…

  9. Thanks so much for sharing your great tips at TTF!

  10. This is so interesting, I had no idea stains on marble could be removed this way! I am so happy I found you blog with this info on it – a friend gave me a small marble-topped size table that has the most beautiful chippy plaster Corinthian column base. The base needs to be painted, and the marble definitely has stains that need to be removed, so I shall try the poultice on it and keep my fingers crossed! Thank you for this post!

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