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Last week, I shared my latest estate sale purchase of 8 side tables.    Once I got them home, I was able to have a good look at them.  Every piece was in relatively good shape.  The previous owners  obviously liked mahogany and the classic look similar to furniture from Bombay Company.  Some pieces were in fact from Bombay Company but others were of indeterminable sources.  Below is the photo of one of the lots I picked up.

set of 3

Three Tables:  Marble topped pedestal,
tiny with a tray pull out
and a vintage open shelf with drawer.

The marble topped table has some faint stains and I am currently trying some techniques to remove them.  I will post my success or failure at a later date.  It is a very sturdy table and I think cleaning up the marble and painting the base will make it very special. 

The square table is teeny tiny!  It is very Bombay Company-ish.  It has a little tray that pulls our for drinks or these days, a smartphone LOL. 

The side table is quite interesting with the open part at the top and the drawer at the bottom.

Now, the last table, the one with the open shelf and the drawer is the HIDDEN GEM!  The burnt-in label inside the drawer said KINDEL, Grand Rapids.  From previous research, I became aware Grand Rapids Michigan, at one time in history, was the furniture capital of the US and was nicknamed “Furniture City”.  Of course I checked out e-Bay to see what Kindel pieces were out there and I found numerous larger pieces all commanding some major dollars!  But none like my little piece.

table open drawer

Kindel Furniture Company Side Table

table drawer

Dovetail joints on the drawers

table accent

Pretty Fret work on the top

table back

Lovely detail on the top.

Excuse the dust… those photos were taken at the auction site.  My house is a bit cleaner 😉

The Kindel Furniture website allows you to send in the pattern number found on the back of chests or dressers along with a photo.   I did this last week and a few days later, I received this reply:

Here is what research could find. Some of our older records are incomplete.  We used to file everything by hand and then we had the fire and lost some. We are working to archive all info that we have and put it on discs but we are not complete yet.  This item is from The Colchester line which was produced from 1936 to 1949. The only cost we found was for $20.50. I do not know if this was net or retail.

Bessie M. Christian, Relationship Manager

Isn’t that interesting and fun!  So basically this piece is 70 years old, give or take a few years.  I don’t think I will paint this one!  It is in amazing condition for 70 years! 

I love researching mid-century pieces.  So many of these great furniture manufacturers have closed shop both in the US and Canada.  I suppose rising wages and foreign competition took it’s toll.  Sad really but still very interesting to look back and see what they were making at their peak!

My problem is:  What is it worth? 
I fear it will not be too much but most definitely more than the $20 I paid for it! 

What do you think I should ask? 

Sadly, I don’t have a spot for it in my home….

By leaving this piece as it is, I think it will still be

Nicer Than New!


  8 Responses to “Finding a Hidden Gem!”

  1. Hi, Joan. That is,indeed, a lovely table and you should be able to sell it for around $100. I would paint it, however because paint will make the details stand out. Vintage mahogany doesn’t have much appeal at the moment. The first thing I painted was a Grand Rapids Federal style dresser about the same age as your table. I painted it in AS Provence and sold it for$350. It is still my most commented on and pinned piece. I think your table would like great in OldK White or Old Ochre with some dark wax on the details.

  2. Your table from Kindel looks as though it could have been used for a telephone – phone on top–phone books on the shelf — pen/paper in the drawer. It definitely has personality – go ahead give it a facelift with paint.

    • Thanks for dropping by! I do love finding out about the history of great furniture manufacturers like Kindel. BUT as much as I would like keeping it in the look of its day, I am becoming inclined to not be drawn in by nostalgia and go for the painting! If I save it from the dump, it is a save!

  3. What fun to find out the history behind that lovely little table! You scored big! Thank you for sharing at Fridays Unfolded!


  4. Great find! The Grand Rapids piece is a real gem! I live and grew up in Michigan so I am very aware of the amazing furniture that built the city of Grand Rapids! I’m not sure what to price it at but, it is worth more than what you paid! Wonderful finds!! And thanks for sharing at TTF. I am featuring this post over at TTG FB page today!

  5. I’m glad to hear your not going to paint it. I’m a preservationist at heart, and if the wood and finish are still good, I think it’s good to leave it as is. Around here (SC) I would say to price it for $100-$125 but prices vary greatly by region. Good luck with it. Thank you for sharing this at my History & Home Link Party this week, take care – Dawn @ We Call It

  6. i wud not paint it either, it is exceptionally well taken care of as is. i’m normally a “paint it” girl but not with this one. u cud always offer the option to the buyer?

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