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A couple of weeks ago, I shared how I was so fed up with winter and once we had a decently sunny day, I took to the outdoors to do some long delayed stripping and sanding.  I was working on two tables.   One for my interior designer niece and one that has been taking up space in my work area.

This is the space grabber:


Veneered top and shelf. Solid frame


The style is great but the colour is so dated.

I acquired the latter table from a Craigslist ad in the FREE section.  I was told it was real / solid wood but was disappointed to find that it was not when I picked it up.  However, it was FREE so who am I to complain. 

The table was a typical light oak coloured Mission style coffee table.    I stripped and sanded the horizontal parts and sanded the frame. 

After stain, paint and varathane, it looked great! And sold in a day.


Veneer can be lovely!


The top took on a reclaimed wood look!

I love the look… kind of pottery barn like.


I love saving decent pieces from the dump. 
The new owner was thrilled and of course it looks so much
Nicer Than New!


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  13 Responses to “Free is Always Good!”

  1. The table looks great..I agree, so much better than new! ~Deborah

  2. That turned out great! I love how you saw the potential and made it into something beautiful. Thanks for the inspiration! I’m not gonna pass by stuff like this so much anymore.

  3. […] Nicer Than New, Joan found this mission style coffee table in the free section of Craigslist.  It was a typical […]

  4. I’ve got to hand it to you, this looks terrific. You did a super job — and it was free! I was looking through the Party Links at It’s So Very Cheri/Three Mango Seeds when I saw this and had to comment. Thanks, Ann Marie @ Iris Abbey

  5. The dark sides gives it a whole new look!

  6. This table is gorgeous! What a great feeling it must give you to salvage it from the dump and give it new life to a new home. If wood (fake or not) could smile, this certainly was! *saw you featured on Roadkill Rescue.

  7. Wow, what a difference you made with this piece! Love the colors you choose. Thanks for sharing at TTF!

  8. The table looks great! Thank you for sharing this. Gentle Joy

  9. Wow, Joan that is serious vision! I would have had a hard time parting with that beauty!! Thanks so much for stopping by Best of the Nest!

  10. You made that look 1,000 times better than the original! And, there’s nothing better than free+some elbow grease for a beautiful table! Thanks again for linking up with Best of the Nest!

  11. I love how the table turned out! Hehe I love when people say things are solid wood and they’re not…LOL I l really the love the reclaimed look, it’s very warm!

  12. I can’t take my eyes away! Too clean, too new and too classy to look at! I have a feeling to my old stool outside and starting stripping it down, for a new look. Too inspiring! Clever!

  13. Beautiful transformation! And I’m so impressed that you picked it up for free! Thanks so much for sharing!

    ~Abby =)

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