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Beginning with this post, I am going to share my love of reading by writing about my book club and as time goes on, the books we are reading and the food we eat at our meetings.  I have added a tab / page at the top where I have listed the books the Good Friday Book Club  have read to date.

To be honest, our Book Club is one of the most dearest, important aspects of my life.  The bond and dedication the members have never ceases to amaze me.  As the main organizer, I am often taken aback at the importance our little book club has in each members’ life.

A Bit of History

Our book club began as a group of moms whose children were involved in competitive dance.  It came to light we were all dying for some non-dance related fun and mental stimulation.  Our daughter, Miss Nice, was involved in Competitive dance for 12 years!  Needless to say, the studio was like her second home.  As dance parents, we saw many children grow and mature into lovely teens and adults.

We watched Miss Nice grow from this

2002 "Sweet Nothin's" The most adorable 5 year olds ever!

2002 “Sweet Nothin’s”
The most adorable 5 year olds ever!
Miss Nice is on the left

To this:

2014 Gorgeous!

2013 – Gorgeous!

It was at the dance studio where I met my most amazing friend Grace. One night, while waiting for our daughters to finish lessons, I noticed she was reading a book I had recently finished. We began discussing it and other books we had both read and liked.   I also could not help noticing all the notes and scribbles in the margins.  She was preparing for an upcoming book club.  As time went on, whenever  we met up, we always seemed to get into book discussions.

About a year later, she told me her book club was falling apart.  I have always thought a book club would be fun, so we decided to propose starting one with the studio “dance moms”.  The response within our dance-mom circle was incredible!  This was in February  and Dance Competitions are mostly in the early spring months so when we tried to find a free date, it was difficult. 

We finally all agreed to meet Good Friday, 2009: our first meeting.
The book was “The Glass Castle” by Jeanette Walls. 


Now nearly 5 years later, we are still at it and oh how we have evolved!  You see, Grace has a Masters Degree in English Literature and she takes her reading and discussing very seriously!  Along the way, we lost a few lovely members but we also gained a few.  With Grace’s leadership and encouragement, we have all grown and we are now much more discretionary, insightful readers.   Not to mention, we all seem obsessed with our book club!  NO ONE EVER wants to miss a meeting!

Unlike many book clubs, ours now includes MEN! 
I know, this sounds almost sacrilegious to many book clubs but for us it works.  

I had the most appropriate house for hosting because all our darling dancers could  dance and carry on in our large family room while we met in the living room.  As such,  Mr Nice was always there and he too is an avid reader.  After a couple meetings, other hubbies wanted to participate.   So we now have 4 men and 7 women.

I believe what makes our book club special is our original connection to each other was dance and not much else.  We don’t live in the same neighbourhoods, we don’t work together and now, only Grace still has a child in dance.  The occupations in the group are also far reaching… Accountant, speech therapist, opera singers, teacher, engineer, real estate, etc.  So each of us brings a very unique perspective to the discussion.  

Our meetings are a blast! 

For each book, we try to pull out a theme or food or drink .  Sometimes it is easy and sometime not. 
One of the best meetings was when we read Eat Pray Love
We had a YOGI! come in and lead us through yoga class! 

Our next meeting is in a couple of weeks and the book is Devil in the White City by Erik Larson. 
Interestingly, since Glass Castle, this is the first non-fiction book we have read.


Have you read it?

Are you part of a Book Club? 

What has been your favourite book to date? 

What was your least favourite book discussion? 

I would love to connect with other book lovers and book club members! 
Be sure to leave a comment and follow me on Bloglovin or Pinterest where I will be setting up a book board.

Happy reading!


  10 Responses to “Good Friday Book Club”

  1. Hi, Joan. Yes, I have read The Devil in the White City. I liked it but won’t say I loved it. There was something about the writing style that didn’t work for me, I can’t remember what exactly. The best book that I read last year was The Headmaster’s Wager by Vincent Lam. I also liked Cool Water by Dianne Warren and the one with Harold Fry in the title. If you are looking for a non-fiction selection, one of my favourites is Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand. I look forward to reading about your book club. And no, I don’t belong to one-don’t like having to read something as well as the fact that I taught English for 36 years. That can be a bit intimidating unless you are dealing with English teachers. And that can be a pain in the neck!

    • Hi Cathy. I can’t say I loved Devil either. Actually, I listened to much of it on an audiobook and am currently doing a quick re-read for the meeting. I read Unbroken last year and it was a remarkable story. I will definitely add those others to my list. Thanks so much for dropping by! Happy 2014!

  2. I’ve read Devil in the White City. I liked it but I like his book In the Garden of Beasts better. In Devil he alternates between stories and while they are both interesting, one outweighed the other for me which made it hard to read the weaker story chapters. In Beasts he focuses on one story and it is very interesting. Visiting from The Dedicated House http://georgielee.blogspot.com/2014/01/getting-ready-for-downton-abbey.html

  3. Just came over from The Scoop, I posted about a book too. 🙂

    Your book club sounds wonderful. It’s so neat the way we make friends and form connections from our kids and then things grow. I read The Glass Castle a few years ago and couldn’t put it down! Do share other books so I’ll know what to read next. 🙂

    • Hi Stacey! Thanks for dropping by! I will be updating the blog with books both I and the book club have read. There’s a tab at the top of my blog with both lists. The only FF book I have read is Fried Green Tomatoes. I will have to give this author another look-see!

  4. I love to read and the only book club I belong to in one online with some other bloggers. Its fun! Thanks for sharing at TTF!

  5. I am an addicted reader. I recently joined a FB book club group.
    I have also discovered new book release online parties, which is what I posted this week. Please come visit and invite friends to the online parties. They are a lot of fun and you meet new authors and friends.

  6. Hi! This my first visit to your blog, glad I found you! I’ve never been in a book club, but I read just about anything I can get my hands on. I look forward to following along!

    • Thanks for dropping by! Be sure to check my page / tab at the top of my blog site where I have listed all our Book Club books since inception as well as those I have read outside the club. Book clubs are fun and addicting. Perhaps consider starting one! Have a super 2014!

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