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Mr. Nice is coming home from England today after a week long stay with his elderly parents.  Yes, my hubbie is an ex-pat Brit who came here to work in his twenties and soon made Canada his home.   Some of his more British loves are table tennis, soccer (football) and snooker!  So 20 years ago when we were house hunting and we toured this house, he could barely contain himself when he discovered it came with a full sized snooker table.  Full size meaning 6 ft x 12 ft!  Yes, it is big.  So there are also some big bare walls around it.

(When guests see the snooker table and comment on its size, I always reply “Yes, we bought a snooker table and the house came with it!”)

Back in October when I FINALLY unpacked my Silhouette Cameo and used it to create a stencil for my Pottery Barn inspired Chair, I also shared the photo below of the bare wall behind Mr. Nice’s big ass snooker table.  This wall  used to have a very large knock off painting I picked up at HomeSense.  However, the painting has since found a better home in our dining room. 


Instead of buying something for this wall, I decided I would create something…. perhaps something British.

And this is what I came up with:


The background is BURGUNDY… not black or rust or whatever it appears like in the picture!

I had picked up a couple big canvasses at Michael’s (using coupons of course). 

I created the stencil using my Silhouette Cameo and cheapo dollar store Con-tact paper..  Before sticking on the stencil I painted the centre area ivory.  Now I am not sure if it was because I painted it first or the fact that is canvas and bumpy, the cheapo Con-Tact paper did not stick very well.  I decided to persevere and try to be very careful when I painted.  I even did the important step of painting over the stencil in the background colour to create a seal.  This step may have helped a little but in the end, I needed to spend an hour touching up the lettering.  If you stand close you can see imperfections but across the table, I think it looks great!


In case you are wondering about the long wall, to the left of the view above, it has the scoreboard, the rules of snooker and a big picture of Tiger Woods. 


 So when you’re lining up your snooker shot, you are faced with
Tiger lining up a putt!

I wonder what Mr. Nice will say about our new piece of “art”? 
A good thing about this piece is, if we get tired of it, we can just paint something else over it!

What do you think? 
Are you a fan of the “Carry On” posters or
do you think they are over done?

Love to hear from you! 


  5 Responses to “Carry On Snooker Poster”

  1. Very cute! Thanks for sharing at Silver Pennies Sundays. x

  2. I never knew pool games were called snookers. Is it played the same way as pool?

    • Pool and Snooker are similar in appearance, yet quite different.  The games played on each are also different.

      More skill is required to play snooker than pool since the table is larger, the pockets narrower, the pocket lead-in curved and the balls smaller. Snooker is more popular in Britian and Canada than in the US.

      Great game!

  3. I think this is really cute and perfect for the room. I’m over most of the ‘carryon’ art, but I love this and it’s really a fun idea for the room! Thanks for linking to TTF.

  4. Great addition to the room. Great idea for making the best of the large space. Thanks for joining Home Sweet Home.

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