Oct 062013

I have had a crazy busy week!  I have not made too much progress on my furniture projects  but i did sell a couple items.


What I have been busy with has to do with my role as Chair of a registered charity associated with my daughter’s school.  As a dedicated Arts focused secondary school, the school does not get any additional funding from the school board to support the many unique needs and expenditures.  The school is highly acclaimed in the city of Toronto and in the national media.  As a result, there is a high expectation about the quality of arts education these talented students will get at the school and truly deserve.

The school is now over 20 years old and so is the Theatre, the musical instruments, the lighting equipment, etc.  Sadly, with cutbacks everywhere, the School Board has to make hard decisions and “if it ain’t broke….”  The role of our organization is to provide funding for projects to bring the school up to 21st century standards.  Our current initiative is called th “Theatre Renewal Initiative”.

This past week, I have been immersed in meetings and activities intended to bring new, interested parents and alumni on board to help with our fund-raising plans.  I must admit, besides helping the school, I do have a personal agenda and which is to find a replacement for me!  It is my daughter’s last year and I think I will want to “retire”  when she’s no longer there.  Or at least have a less active role.  We’ll see!

Back to blogging…
I began setting up my blog at the beginning of August 2013.  Because of vacations and traveling, I like to think I “officially”  started blogging, in earnest, on September 1st 2013.

So as of today, I have been blogging for 37 days.

calendar My Blogging Status After 37 days!

  1. According to Bloglovin, I have only 8 followers 🙁
  2. According to Google AdSense I have earned $1.30 from clicks on  the ads on my page 🙂
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Am I disappointed?



jump for joy

Just like this little guy!

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Thank you everyone for all your support!

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