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Isn't she beautiful?

Isn’t she lovely?

Up here in Ontario, Canada there is a company called Max-Sold which is an on-line auction usually selling household items for people who want to down-size.  I liken it to an mega on-line  garage sale.  Personally, I find it pretty neat.  There can be some real bargains to be had.  Especially, if you have a truck and can pick up and move LARGE items like big china cabinets.  You are in for some incredible bargains… like $1!   Much to my husband’s chagrin, I REALLY like checking out the auctions  happening in the Toronto area.

A few weeks ago, I picked up this really lovely pressback rocker.  In reality, I should have asked myself: “Do YOU need a rocker??”  And the definitive answer would have been “NO!”  But why let that stop you when you see the curvy spindles, the carved back and the gorgeous profile!  Needless to say, at the end of the auction, she was MINE!

I’m going to call her “Rita“.  (I’m not sure why I  have this urge to name my pieces, but bear with me…).  When I picked up Rita, I flipped her over and noticed a very dark, stained and worn out label on her bottom.  She is a Heywood Brothers – Wakefield piece.


Lovely Rita!

Now do you get it??  “Rita Heywood”.
Okay maybe I’m just weird.

Thank you Google!  Because of you I was able to waste spend time doing a bit of research.  My findings are not conclusive but it would appear the Heywood Brothers joined up with Mr. Wakefield  in 1897 and used a similar label at the Baltimore plant between 1897 and 1921.  So Rita could be an antique and then maybe not.

Rita will definitely get a new caned seat BUT my question is:


I know my answer already.

What’s yours??

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