Sep 182013

Did you see the musical Rock of Ages?

Did you love it?

It was in Toronto a few years ago and the whole family went to a matinee
and we “rocked on” as they say!

So today when I was taking photos of some upcoming projects I couldn’t help but see the tie-in…

Rock of Ages 1

Look at these beauties!
All rockers and from all different time periods!

They are DYING to join the 21st century!

What paint and upholstery transformation
would make YOU want to park your butt in one of these lovelies?

I have my own ideas but help me out here!
Not only will I give you credit, I think we can all benefit from shared ideas!

Hey kid, rock and roll
Rock on, ooh, my soul
Hey kid, boogey too, did ya
Hey shout, summertime blues
Jump up and down in my blue suede shoes
Hey kid, rock and roll, rock on
And where do we go from here
Which is the way that’s clear
Still looking for that blue jean, baby queen
Prettiest girl I ever seen
See her shake on the movie screen, Jimmy Dean
(Jimmy Dean)

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