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Today’s a rainy day which is perfect for the projects I have in mind.

In this post I’d like to introduce another of my past times: reading and our book club.  For me personally, painting furniture and books are a perfect combo.  You see, I really love to paint and I really love to read.  But often, reading makes me feel restless and guilty that I should be doing other things… like painting.  This is where audio books come in!

Listening to a good book and painting is a perfect marriage! 

Hours can slip away!  I can be busy and my mind is still working.  If is is a book club selection, we always have the physical book so we can make notes and references in the books.  (Yes, we write in our books!)

Tonight is our book club meeting which my hubbie and I will be hosting.  This meeting’s book is Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell.  It is  incredibly well written with intricately crafted threads.  I am sure the discussion will be very stimulating.

cloud atlas

Book Store

To the left, is a photo of the book cover most of the book club members will have tonight. To the right is our copy of the book. Tonight, no one will have a cover like ours.  Because no one less has this guy living with them!

cody_ 001 copy

Cody: He devours books!

my cloud atlas

My copy & the SECOND replacement cover! 



In addition to our great conversations regarding the book, it is also an opportunity to be with some of the most amazing people I have had the fortune of befriending.  We’re a very eclectic group who were initially pulled together through our daughters’ participation in competitive dance.  Over the four plus years, the membership has been organic, losing some and adding others from other friendship circles.

We even allow husbands! 
and wow are they keen!

In addition to loving books, we love FOOD!  Not just any old food:  good foodie food!  Being a potluck affair, we often try to develop a menu in theme with the book.  For example, for tonight someone suggested “SOAP”… a food a futuristic character was forced to eat or steak tartar since cannibals are featured.  These were mostly jokes but we’ll see.  The best example of having a theme had to be Eat Pray Love.  Dishes from each of the countries were featured: India, Italy and Indonesia.  The best part was I brought in a yogi friend and we had a class in our family room!  So fun!

As I continue to develop the blog I will include posts about our book club and our crazy, wine-infested meetings.  But right now, I have a ton of stuff to do including reviewing my notes for tonight’s meeting.

If you’ve read Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell, I’d love to hear your comments!

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