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Do you remember this little baby I picked curbside in my neighbourhood a few weeks ago?  Instead of calling him “Duct Tape Chair”, I have decided to call him “Dane”.

When I first set eyes on Dane, he was a bit down and out, battered, paint splattered and covered in duct tape.   But I knew Dane could be a groovy guy once more!

Before considering what cool duds Dane would don, I thought it best to see if I could clean him up.
After removing the seat and the back, I washed him down with a mild TSP solution.
Then I examined his joints and finish.
Structurally, Dane was in great shape with the exception of one arm which had had a crack repaired.  Although it was slightly noticeable,  I decided since Dane was teak, I did not want to try and fill it and I definitely wasn’t painting him.
Because teak is an oily wood,  painting it can be tricky and why would I want to cover up this gorgeous specimen?

Sometimes it’s the simplest of treatments that give the best results.  So was the case with Dane.
Dane was hungry!  
I scooted off to the kitchen and mixed up some SALAD DRESSING.
That’s right, 2/3 Olive Oil and 1/3 vinegar.
With a rag dipped into the solution, I gave Dane a rub down.
Dane was suddenly transformed into a new man chair.

The finish was worn and blotchy

Some areas needed sanding to even out the finish and open the wood grain.

You can see on the right where I began to apply the “salad dressing”

I applied the mixture very liberally and let it soak in

I applied the mixture very liberally and let it soak in

side 3

What a transformation! It was happy dance time!

Dane was looking good but he needed an outfit that would make him stand out.

While browsing the upholstery section of my local Fabricland (one of the few fabric store chains  left in Canada) I spotted the perfect fabric.  Very retro and shall I say “Groovy, man!”.

Oh So Retro!

Oh So Retro!

After covering new foam with the funky fabric, Dane was ready to hit the town!

Looking Good!

Looking Good! In that 70’s sort of way!

The wood colour is so rich.

The wood colour is so rich.

Dane's Back in Style!

Dane’s Back in Style!

Lately, I’ve been loving mid-century furniture.
Especially authentic Danish Teak pieces with the sleek lines.
They seem to be timeless.
I had thought about using a more contemporary fabric but decided Dane wanted to stay young and hip.

BTW, cost was less than $20!

Now that Dane has eaten and donned some new duds, I think he’s ready to go dancing… 😉

Before and After

Before and After

Curbside trash to grooooooovy!

Tell me what you think of Dane now!


  6 Responses to “Disco Dane!”

  1. what an awesome chair! you gave it new life, for sure.

  2. I love it!!! Great job! And I love the “salad dressing” instead of using all of those harsh chemicals!

  3. I am in love with Dane! What a fantastic save~ Thanks for sharing at TTF!

  4. I came over from Roadkill Rescue and as I said there Joan, thank-you for preserving and rejuvenating a beautiful midcentury chair, beautiful job!
    Too many people are destroying this beautiful furniture history with chalk paint! I have a 1953 midcentury home and I am always looking for furniture true to the period but I have NEVER found anything roadside! No me I pay top dollar…boooo-hoooo

  5. What a fun chair! You certainly brought it back to life. Thanks for sharing at Silver Pennies Sundays. x

  6. […] I thought I had enough of the “Disco Dane” fabric left over from the Scandinavian chair I re-finished last year, but I was short a few inches.  On a visit to Fabricland, I scored a […]

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