Aug 092013

We all agreed our Lufthansa flight to Dusseldorf went by so quickly.  I love that airline!  When was the last time Air Canada served you Bailey’s after your meal, for FREE!  Our stop over in Dusseldorf also went quickly, perhaps just a bit too so.  We had to go through passport check with only 3 attendants and  our names   were called over the PA!  But nice Canadians made way for us and then we RAN!

Our very funny and charming property manager concurred the cabbies in Prague are surly and ours was no exception. I just hope Mere was not taking driving tips from him on our way from the airport.  It was crazy.

Our apartment is beyond belief.  (Note: never let the graffiti on the outer doors put you off.  There are palaces behind those doors!)  I always assume the on-line pics make the apartments  look nicer and bigger than it is but not this one.  It is so spacious, clean and modern in that minimalist way.  Check out Escape to Prague!

We seemed to mess up this time by using our normal routine and having a nap and then hit the streets.  Sadly, once we woke up the rain started but we ventured out anyway.

In many European cities we have visited, even if we don’t speak the language, our knowledge of French and Spanish gets us by but definitely not here.  Our first stop was  a Tesco grocery store.  Trying  to determine if the tub was yoghurt or margarine or sour cream or whatever  was an adventure in itself.

We wandered the streets getting soaked, had a Czech meal and bought tickets to see Swan Lake (ballet) at the Opera House on Sunday.  The fam went back to the room while I tried t o search down a camera strap… alone.  Not successful but I met some great people and with their help, worked out a solution.   Miroslav could be my new best friend!

I took a new route from the shopping area and soon realized I needed to back track because the streets are  a maze.   Which then prompted me to stop at a phone store and invest in a phone / sim card package for $35.  Even though the apartment does not have a phone, our cool property manager, Jaroslav says he’s only a call away.

Tomorrow will be an early start with a city tour and who knows what else.  I am also taking in the decor and furniture styles used.  So far colourful and interesting.

Loving the Czech Rep!

PS  Anyone wondering why I needed a new strap for my camera?  Same reason I bought a new lens  🙁


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