Aug 302013

First off, starting a blog just before going on vacation for nearly a month probably wasn’t the best plan. However, on the up-side I actually DID start a blog; something I had been procrastinating over for about a year. So far, I have set up this site and I know how to add posts like this one but I know there are so, so many more things I need to learn. When I get a chance, I have been watching training videos but I am still at the beginning. When I was teaching at the college, I did teach very basic webdesign and I have created websites but a blog is quite different and it would be nice if I could earn a bit of $$$ on the side. It will just take time and patience.

So back to the toys… I actually have two new toys. One is mine and one belongs to my handy dandy neighbour. In the past few months, I have dabbled a bit with upholstering. Simple items like chair seats and backs. To accomplish the projects below:

DSCN1450 P.'s Dining Chair

Not ideal tools I used the tools on the left which worked but were not fun! (BTW, the tools are resting on my next victim aka the “duct tape chair”) Screw drivers are not good staple removers and when the wood frame was hard, I had to tap in some staples with the hammer. DSCN1532

But now that my garage if filling up with upholstery projects, I knew I needed to invest in some new “toys”.

I am now the proud owner of a power stapler, a staple remover and some needles for tufting! The darling little potbelly compressor is compliments of my neighbour. All shown on the right. You gotta love handy (generous) neighbours!

Needless to say, I am pumped because I can see some progress coming my way! Especially those “Hmm-I-should-cover-those”-type projects which include my office chair, some folding chairs and then the growing inventory in my garage.

I’m giddy! Need I say more?

Do new power tools make you giddy? Or am I just a weird, handy-wife?

Enjoy the last weekend of summer!

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