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Today, I sold two of my favourite pieces.  Both buyers were young people living downtown Toronto and neither had cars so I agreed to deliver for a nominal fee.  Living in the suburbs, I don’t go downtown much.  When I came to Toronto many, many years ago as a young professional,  I lived at Yonge and St. Clair in the heart of the city.  Today, driving an old but still familiar route, I felt very nostalgic and, well a bit old.  I often wonder what it would be like to live in the middle of it all again.

Both buyers were so happy to get something so unique.

  • A vintage student desk painted in BM Buxton Blue.  I stripped the top and stained it a nice walnut shade and refinished the hardware in copper.  The young Asian student who purchased this was giddy and so cute.


  • The other item was one of my favourite make-overs… the “urban cowboy” telephone table.  Every time I walked past this baby, I smiled!  The young mother who bought this loved the unique look and may hire me to make-over a piece she has.


draper_cowboy copy


As much as I love visiting downtown neighbourhoods, I still love the space and quietness of our neighbourhood.

And I LOVE the little gems I find on garbage day!    As I drove past, the sleek lines of this vintage chair caught my attention.  It also screamed “PICK ME UP!”  I pulled a U-turn to snap up this cutey.  And yes, that is duct tape on the seat along with some paint or plaster.

duct tape chair

“Duct Tape Chair”



I am not sure what I will do with this and it but I know I will have fun shopping at Tonic Living to find a funky fabric.

For now, she’s hiding in the garage and like my other projects, she will be on hold until September.  After our summer vacation numero dos or should I be saying “Die Zahl zwei”

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